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By: The Breast Centre  06-Dec-2011
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All surgery is performed on site in the Ascot Hospital theatres where both day stay and in-patient facilities are available. Our highly experienced regular anaesthetists Charles Bradfield and Jayesh Patel both provide a safe and pleasant anaesthetic experience.

Breast assessment

New patients are all assessed by Specialist surgeon Trevor Smith who has more than twelve years of experience in breast surgery. He routinely uses ultrasound to assist with the clinical examination. Ultrasound has revolutionised the assessment and management of breast problems.

Keywords: Surgery

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Specialist surgical consultation - The Breast Centre

If an abnormality is identified on these tests then a needle biopsy is necessary to get a sample of the tissue for testing in the laboratory. It distinguishes fluid filled cysts from solid lumps, guides needle-biopsy and accurately documents the size and shape of an abnormality. I will then discuss the place of any further investigations such as mammography or biopsy in your particular situation.


Breast reconstruction - The Breast Centre

The flap is supplied by a blood vessel running through one of the abdominal wall muscles and this is rotated superiorly under the abdominal skin to reach the mastectomy defect. An implant is a bag filled with saline or silicone gel that can be inserted under the chest wall muscle at the time of mastectomy. This is the transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous flap and involves using the abdominal fat and skin for reconstruction.


Breast ultrasound - The Breast Centre

Ultrasound is particularly useful for assessing symptoms in the following situations. It provides a valuable first impression as to whether solid lumps look benign. It rapidly distinguishes fluid filled cysts from solid lumps. It accurately documents the size and shape of an abnormality. Painless and does not involve any radiation. Breast ultrasound - The Breast Centre.


Breast cancer surgery - The Breast Centre

Whilst this is not a critical part of the cancer surgery it can significantly improve the postoperative recovery and cosmetic outcome - factors that are an integral part of modern breast cancer surgery. In some cases it may be necessary to consider a balancing operation on the other breast to achieve a good cosmetic result. You will need adequate time to consider these various options and to decide what is going to be best for you.