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By: Tft Labels  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Clothing, Fabrics, International Postage

This simple, easy to apply and effective label has been around for many years.
It is a proven, effective
ool to use in the battle to keep clothing and many other articles in your hands.







Cost: $16.50

GST and NZ Postage included in price
Overseas orders add $2.00 International postage

Colours: RED, BLUE, BLACK.

( Text colour on white label).

Application Intructions :

Use a hot dry iron.
Press Firmly for 10-15 seconds
If possible test fabrics for suitablity.

Tip: Once applied, when cool try to lift the corner of the label with your nail. If it starts to come away from the fabric, the label adhesive has not set, you will need to reapply the iron for slightly longer.

There are only 3 variables to use in application:
Time, Temperature and pressure.

One or more of these variable will enable the label to be firmly fixed.

Test by using a scrap of fabric to test.

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Keywords: Clothing, Fabrics, International Postage