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By: Telepaeds  06-Dec-2011
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NZTPS - national provider of managed video conferencing service

The TelePaediatric service has driven the development and growth of video conferencing in the health sector since early 2002. Its launch in August 2003 with 8 units was the starting point to becoming the only service provider that connects 20 of the 21 DHBs at a unified level.

The unforeseeable technical, management and design issues associated with the creation of a service delivery platform have been encountered and overcome meaning this service is the preferred and only provider of managed video conferencing services to New Zealand's health sector.

This network has been developed with significant input and in consultation with all levels of DHB personnel.

The following points outline the specific reasons why the service is used and some of the key services we provide:

  • The service is the owner and operator of the only nationally connected, managed, secure IP based video conference service in the health sector.
  • Each customer's solution and connectivity is designed around their specific requirements. IP connectivity is designed around local IS infrastructure and unit solutions are designed around usage requirement, not ‘as it comes'.
  • The network is operated on a monthly charge basis that provides unrestricted and uncapped access to all other units on the network. There are no call costs for point-to-point or multipoint connections within the network.
  • All units on the network have free and unlimited access to bridging facilities via booked or on-demand virtual meeting rooms.
  • As this is a secure and closed network, non-network access is only available via connectivity points that are managed and controlled by NZTPS. These points must be booked in advance as there is no access to internal units any other way. There is a cost associated with connectivity from outside the network.
  • The bridge operated by NZTPS has 48 internal bridge ports + 12 external IP bridge ports and an ISDN gateway. All infrastructure is scalable and future proofed (High Definition enabled).
  • The service also has a Content Server that allows sessions to be recorded and/or live streamed to the internal network or via the web.
  • The service provides remote management of all endpoints. IS resources are not required for connectivity requests, fault assistant, user training or bookings.
  • The service provides real-time management and distribution of all endpoint directories.
  • All endpoints receive software updates remotely and are made at times outside normal operating times to ensure users are not disrupted.
  • Detailed reporting of usage is provided each month. This includes; hours used, sites called, number of calls and types of connection (point to point, multipoint).

This service has been tested and acknowledged by New Zealand's DHBs as the only supplier to provide secure, managed, accessible and supported video conferencing services. The service is currently in discussion with a wide range of health providers (PHO, Community health organisations etc) which has lead to further technical innovation and delivery development.

Telepaeds Service Solutions

Hospital to Home (H2H)

TelePaeds created and supplies a real-time, managed, video conferencing connection between paediatric palliative care patients from their home and the specialist department supervising their care. The connection enables 24 hour access to medical care for patients living in remote areas and a means through which continuous, regular treatment can be provided. We utilise the Polycom VSX3000 video codec and a dedicated broadband connection of 512kbps to provide this service.

Nursing Workshops
We initiate and manage the technical delivery of specialist nursing workshops delivered from Starship hospital. These are regularly attended by centres as far a field as Dunedin and Whangarei. Topics such as palliative care, respiratory, emergency management, pain management, neurology, oncology and asthma have been delivered via video conference.

TelePaeds has provided connectivity for the teaching of ENT services staff between Auckland and Hamilton. The FRACP paediatrics teaching programme coordinated by the Department of Paediatrics, The University of Auckland School and is delivered nationally and internationally. We also provide access to regular registrar training discussion groups throughout the country and assist with peer review sessions when requested.

Paediatric Oncology
We provide the Paediatric Oncology Steering Group with dedicated video conferencing equipment solution and support in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. This assists a widely dispersed specialist group to communicate face to face with their members through regular meetings and booked or ad hoc clinical case reviews.

We have enabled the formation of a national Cardiac Inherited Diseases panel consisting of cardiologists, pathologists, geneticists and researchers who are involved in the diagnosis and management of potentially fatal inherited cardiac abnormalities. The national cardiac physiology technicians’ council meets monthly via VC.

A monthly national half day patient review session is conducted via the TelePaediatric network for geneticists from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Specific Events
Connectivity to the North Pole, direct to Santa, for children being treated in Starship over Christmas.
The Safe Kids NZ national poisons centre launch between Starship and Dunedin.
The Parent to Parent video conferencing network launch for 5 centres throughout NZ.

Keywords: Paediatrics, Video Conferencing

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