By: Team Sanya  05-Apr-2012

Andres blog reflect the mood onboard as the damage sinks in
Fri 23rd March 2012

The adrenaline levels took a while to subside, but eventually they did, and one by one each one of us fell hard asleep if only for a little while. The heavy airs passed us, and at first light we re hoisted our main and started to make our way North West back from where we had just come, only to watch our competitors that at one point only got further behind us, continue on and take the lead that we had held.

The mood is light, what can I say, we are all hurting but we have some amazing personalities and resilience onboard and true talent lies with those who do not dwell on the things in life that one can not control. Though very difficult as the competitor in all of us is struggling hard to accept the reality, we are coping, and light smiles and good humor remains a staple on board. Last night after the chaos had settled, we gathered around the wheel of our weathered yacht where Mike stood. There wasn’t much to say then, and even now it is difficult to find words that would do our feelings justice. Mike simply reminded us, “We need to be proud of what we have done… There was nothing we could or would have done differently, we have been sailing brilliantly, and obviously this hurts… It hurts a lot… but we need to pick our heads up, pick each other up and remind ourselves that we did nothing to bring this one, it is what it is…” It’s been a rain and fog filled day, a thick gray cloud has settled over us in a very cliché fashion. I know everyone is probably wondering what our plans our, and all I can say is that when we know, you will know. We know that our ace shore team is scrambling to find us our best possible option for getting back to this race as soon as super humanly possible. Our shore team is made up of some of the world’s best super humans so we have no doubt that soon we will have a solution. For now, priority is getting the boat, and us; her crew back to shore safely. That is still a few days away in predominantly upwind conditions with the possibility of one or two windy sections along the way. Lastly, all of us onboard are totally grateful to still have the support and love from all our fans from all over the world. It really does help our spirits to know that we have such a strong backing, so from all of us, thank you immensely.

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Team Sanya will make their return to competitive action in the Volvo Ocean Race in Miami following the rudder and hull damage that has forced them to head back towards New Zealand on Leg 5, with the team reluctantly announcing on Monday that all options that would get the boat back in the race in Brazil have now been exhausted.



What can we do what, what is on the jobs list, are we going to be able to increase our fitness in the short time we have, what other improvments can we make to the race boat or programme. Each of the boys has had his wetnotes pad out in the last few days, making lists of thoughts and jobs that can move us upward and onward the next time we go sailing.