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By: Tbs Group  06-Dec-2011


TBS Fleming has been providing high quality architectural painting, decorating, and textured coatings services to commercial and large scale residential projects for over 35 years.

Our team of tradesmen painters have carried out an enormous range of contracts ranging from the Auckland International Airport Terminal, leading hotels and shopping centres to high quality residential painting and decorating for private owners.

We have a flexible approach to the provision of services, so can either work as a head contractor and client advisor, under direction of our client's representative or as a subcontractor on construction projects.

Programmed Painting Maintenance - "TBS OneCare"

The TBS OneCare solution is a customised long term maintenance contract, combining TBS Fleming's high quality of workmanship with a smoothed cash flow over the period of the contract.

Typically these contracts would run from five to twelve years, with the programme of work developed in accordance with each specific facility's needs. This could include by way of example, a complete repaint in the first year, followed by wash down and maintenance touch ups in later years, and a further repaint where required in the latter stages of the programme.

Payments are split into equal amounts for every year of the contract and adjusted for inflation. This means that our clients have a known painting cost for the period of the contract and avoid having to meet the cost of a repaint in one sum. This solution is often popular with body corporates, schools or trusts where maintenance cash flow management is a critical issue.

Facilities Maintenance

Our Facilities Maintenance services include routine inspection and maintenance of grounds, buildings and infrastructure assets, and can range from provision of a single one off service to multi service term contracts.

Buildings maintenance services are aimed at providing a focused solution to our client's needs and include: mechanical and electrical, plumbing, painting, graffiti removal and carpentry. Grounds maintenance includes all those aspects between the building and the gate - lawns and gardens, trees, roadways and footpaths, drainage and other site services, security lighting and fencing.

A full range of other services, such as cleaning and pest control can also be included upon request.

Other products and services from Tbs Group


Concrete Remediation | TBS Group

We have a proven track record in a range of remediation techniques and our engineers and technicians can provide an inspection and assessment service to establish the extent of any problems and potential solutions. Whilst reinforced concrete can be a highly durable material, it is recognised that this durability may be impaired through carbonation, chloride attack and alkali silica reaction.


Tower Maintenance & Industrial Rope Access

This has a significant track record of safely providing innovative solutions to the maintenance of high structures using fall protected free climbing and industrial abseiling and rope access. Consistent with TBS policy, quality procedures plus inspection and test plans for every project, ensure quality compliance as well as providing fully documented quality records for clients.


Refractory | TBS Group

Our services include design, supply, construction, installation and maintenance for all refractory linings. Acid & chemical resistant toppings and coatings. Acid & chemical resistant bricks & tiles. Abrasion resistant toppings & coatings.


Labour Hire, Demolition & Bin Services

Our demolition supervisors are qualified and highly skilled builders, allowing us to "deconstruct" buildings and interiors where retention of existing structures and or features is necessary. In addition to pure demolition, our skilled crews also carry out a wide variety of strip outs, alterations and remedial concrete work to both new and existing buildings.


Fireproofing, Industrial Waterblasting, Lead Abatement & Asbestos Removal

Lead paint removal projects can be quite complex when working around environmentally sensitive areas such as aqueducts, rivers, waterways, parks and gardens, foreshores, jetties and heritage structures. For exterior application of fire proofing to steel requiring rating, TBS is an approved applicator of Chartek, Thermo Lag, Fendolite MII and Pyrocrete 241 as well as most intumescent paint coatings.


Services | TBS Group

Our commitment to worker safety, conformance to strict quality control procedures, adherence to stringent environmental controls, and our ability to meet and exceed the specialised needs of our clients has enabled us to be awarded and retain many long term contracts.


Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coatings

Our experience over the years has enabled us to enhance work procedures and methods that have resulted in improvements in waste management and containment during abrasive blasting operations. A Gold Member of the Australasian Corrosion Association, our abrasive blasting and protective coatings services are undertaken throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.