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By: Tangible Media  05-Apr-2012

The Good Shopping Handbook is the answer to an ethical consumer’s everyday shopping needs. From organic food to natural health or efficient home heaters, you’ll find a greener, fairer or healthier product alternative in the Good Shopping Handbook.

The handbook makes it easy for ‘good’ brands to reach conscious consumers when they are in buying mode. The handbook allows your product to be discovered by consumers who care, showcase your products and explain what makes them ‘good’ and direct consumers to where to buy your products

The Good Shopping Handbook and its parent magazine Good target the large and growing LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) group of consumers, also known as ‘conscious consumers’. These consumers are interested in living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and are actively seeking products and solutions to help them achieve this. They also understand their consumer power to create change by rewarding companies whose products are ‘good’ or who are ‘doing good’ in the community or for the environment. 

The handbook is published once a year in a handy and portable A5 format in December each year and is distributed in partnership with Good and Dish magazines. Products can be located either by product type (index) or by brand name (contents list). The handbook is also available on line.