Soluble Cutting & Grinding Fluids

By: Syntol New Zealand  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Machining, Corrosion Protection, Metal Types

Micro-emulsion soluble cutting fluid, incorporating the latest additives to give excellent lubricity,machine cleanliness, corrosion protection, & exceptional bio-stability.

• True multi-metal & multi operational machining fluid.

• Excellent corrosion protection of lathes, CNC's & work-pieces.

• Inherently bio-stable enabling longer drain periods & no work place smells.

• Low toxicity additives for worker acceptance.

An economic micro-emulsion fluid for use on all metal types & operations.

• Multi-metal capability & able to perform all operations.

• Excellent corrosion protection.

• Inherently bio-stable.

• Low foam, low toxicity formulation.

Full synthetic high performance soluble cutting fluid for use on all types of machining operations.

• Multi-metal synthetic able to machine all metals & all machining operations.

• Inherent bio-stability thereby allowing intermittent use of coolant.

• Excellent corrosion protection & low foaming properties.

• Excellent tramp oil tolerance & rejection giving transparent coolant at all times.

Premium quality synthetic cutting & grinding fluid which can machine all steels including stainless, tool steels, mild steels, cast steels, aluminium & small runs of copper/brass & copper/brass alloys.

• Inherently bio-stability allowing intermittent use of coolant & long drain periods

• Excellent corrosion protection, tramp oil tolerance & low foaming properties.

• Can be used on all machining operations & most metal types.

Economic synthetic cutting & grinding fluid.

• Can be used on most metals & all machining operations.

• Good bio-stability, corrosion protection & foam control.

Synthetic soluble grinding fluid for use on all applications including, centre-less grinding, surface grinding & cylindrical grinding.

• Excellent corrosion protection.

• Very good bio-stability & low foam properties.

• Can machine most metals including mild, hardened, & stainless steels, aluminium.

Premium quality fully synthetic soluble grinding fluid designed for more arduous grinding applications such as grinding tool or other hardened steels. 

• Excellent corrosion protection.

• Low foam characteristics.

• Additional lubricity for enhanced surface finish & hardened & tool steels.

• Excellent bio-stability.

Designed for extremely arduous grinding operations which generate excessive foam from high pressures & flow rates.

• Multi-metal multi-purpose grinding fluid for use on all metal types & operations.

• Extremely low foam characteristics & excellent air release properties

• Excellent corrosion control & inherently bio-stable.

Full synthetic grinding fluid for use on tungsten carbide containing material.

• Excellent anti-corrosion & low foam properties

• Inherently bio-stable

• Very low leaching of cobalt from Tungsten Carbide metal.

• Multi-purpose fluid for all grinding operations & metals including copper & copper alloys.

High performance multi-purpose mineral oil based cutting fluids for all machining operations & metal types.  Most suitable for repetitive production applications especially when machining copper &/or copper alloys.

• Multi-purpose, multi-metal extreme pressure fortified mineral oil based coolant.

• Very good corrosion protection, low foam properties

• Good resistance to bacteria & fungi.

Multi-purpose general all rounder soluble cutting fluid, capable of dealing with all metal types & machining operations.

• Multi-metal, multi-operational extreme pressure fortified mineral based coolant

• Bio-stability additives incorporated to provide excellent resistance to bacteria & fungi.

• Excellent corrosion protection & foam control.

Economical semi-synthetic bio-stable coolant giving very good performance on all types of machining operations & metals.

• Multi-metal, multi-operational versatile coolant

• Excellent corrosion protection & foam control

• Bio-stable properties ensuring good resistance to bacteria / fungi.

Keywords: Corrosion Protection, Machining, Metal Types

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