Immigration from Swift Visa

By: Swift Visa  30-Jan-2015
Keywords: Immigration, Legal Advice, Immigration Consultant

New Zealand Immigration Officers have no legal training which means that when an officer presents potentially prejudicial information (PPI) it is often done so incorrectly and/or illegally. In contrast, while our immigration adviser, Damon, does not have a long history working in the industry, he does have legal training. Damon can easily recognise when an officer has incorrectly interpreted immigration policy. Damon takes a no holds barred approach in that he will follow through quickly and to the highest level when necessary to ensure that his client's case is assessed properly and in accordance with immigration policy. If a PPI is inadequate, you can be confident that Damon will advise Immigration that their PPI is un-lawful and no response will be given until the situation is resolved.

Keywords: Immigration, Immigration Advice, Immigration Consultant, Immigration Law, Immigration Lawyer, Legal Advice