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By: Sulo Talbot  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Waste, Bins, Mobile Garbage Bins

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SULO Talbot’s clinical waste containers have revolutionised the safe handling of general medical, hazardous and infectious wastes. Safe and easy handling solutions include the pathology ‘one way’ container, cylindrical containers in varying sizes and the fully automatic SensaTouch containers for hygienic hands free waste disposal.

Keywords: Bins, Garbage Bins, Industrial Bin, Mobile Garbage Bins, Organic Bins, Waste,

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Other services that SULO Talbot can provide during an Assembly and Distribution are the inclusion of stickers, labels and information booklets for the resident detailing the new service. During the rollout, utilising a Council provided database, SULO Talbot will maintain and update all the relevant information regarding the MGB distribution.