By: Success In Mind  06-Dec-2011
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For more than 20 years Kiwi Steve Gurney has defined human endurance. Steve has won New Zealand’s arduous 243 Km Cost-to-Coast race a record nine times, he has won the Raid Gauloises three times, the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest twice, as well as numerous other placings in adventure races throughout the World.

Along the way, Steve cheated death twice, after contracting leptospirosis on his way to victory in Borneo, and again after crashing his kite buggy on rocks in the Sahara, on his way to a new World record.

Steve was recently recognised with a New Zealand Order Of Merit for his years of service to endurance racing.

For most of his career, Steve thought nothing of doing the things that have come to define him. “I was just doing what makes me me,” he says. But for anyone who aspires to Steve’s courage, determination and resilience, the good news is that these qualities are conditioned responses to adversity — techniques that can be taught and learned.

Through this workshop Steve passes on some of his lessons and his experiences, and describes the 6 steps to developing greater resilience. Steve’s workshop is a unique opportunity for personal development, delivered in Steve’s characteristically frank and engaging style.

Here is what people said about the Learn Resilience workshop:

I loved the metaphors used, I will buy StickyNotes for posting positive things daily. Steve is fascinating, vibrant and energetic. He reminds me of a poster I once saw " Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?" Steve's is definitely worth catching.

Lindsay Hill

It was great recognising the judgmental part of me is probably not the REAL me! It's for anyone and probably the best morning I've spent doing something in AGES!

Courtney Edwards

Good opportunity for learning about resilience, delivered a good "tool kit" for moving forward. Thoroughly recommend this workshop.

Graham Dawson

Great presenter, interesting topic. A huge amount of content and tools to develop personal resilience.

Elly Dagley

Keywords: Personal Development