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By: Studio Gascoigne  06-Dec-2011

Retail | Gascoigne Associates – Retail Architects

Design sells

When it comes to the design of retail stores, an important key principle is that the spaces should always communicate one simple idea. Often the simplest and clearest ideas work best in communicating the shop’s brand to the customer. If the shop appeals to its customers’ senses, the more likely the customer will feel attracted to brand and as a result will buy something.

Gascoigne Associates is a business tool for retailers. Our design increases sales and we don’t just create a beautiful space for the sake of it. If your shop doesn’t sell product, the fitout could be wrong.  

There are too many aspects to good retail layout and design to cover here, so contact us to find out more on how we can make design sell your brand and products.

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Our role | Gascoigne Associates – Retail Architects

We often work with other design practices in order to deliver large projects or those in remote locations where local building conditions require specialist local knowledge. We also regularly liaise with advertising, branding and graphic consultants to ensure that a consistent brand message is communicated throughout each project.


Gascoigne Associates – Retail Architects - services interiors

Past projects include malls, hotels, restaurants, workspaces and private homes along with more unusual projects such as exhibition spaces and corporate boxes. We offer a complete interior design service across a wide range of retail, hospitality, workplace and high-end residential projects.


Gascoigne Associates – Retail Architects - services architecture

We offer particular expertise in complex architectural projects, such as shopping malls, resorts and renovation of existing or historic buildings, which require a complete integration of exterior and interior design to achieve a high level of detail and end-user functionality. Past projects range from single houses to a number of complete shopping malls.


Gascoigne Associates – Retail Architects - services lighting

With some careful thought about how your shop is lit, it may be possible to cut energy costs by anywhere up to 50%. Retail lighting – just another service like air conditioning or sprinklers right. It also attracts customers to your shop and focuses their attention once inside. Lighting is the means by which your customers see what you have in your shop.