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By: Streamcom  06-Dec-2011
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Contract Technical Services

In the radio broadcast industry the lines between technologies are no longer cut and dried, Information technology encompasses more than just business systems, with IT firmly seated in the studio and production areas, new broadcast equipment is often controlled across TCP/IP networks, and uses IT network protocols to provide status and alarms.  Broadcast equipment is often PC controlled or has a PC operating system at its core, mixing consoles are usually operating at a digital level, and transmission chains can be digital from the desk to the transmitter.

The current model for technical management in this country has seen the days of a dedicated engineering department go by the board, often an administrator now coordinates separate contractors for, IT, broadcast technical work, electronic repair, and broadcast automation software.

To its customers StreamCom offers a new approach to the requirement for technical support.  Our technical management service is based on the proposition that a broadcaster requires a single point of management for its key systems, and that these key system are so interlinked that the alternative can, and will, have a direct impact on company performance.

Outline of service
Our customers contract their engineering and IT management to StreamCom, we take on total responsibility for the support and maintenance of the customers technical management, IT, broadcast, and communications systems.

This includes:

  • IT support and IT helpdesk services for local and wide area networks, operating system, IT infrastructure, computers, servers, routers and other associated IT systems.  Excluded from this will be desktop applications and user training.
  • Broadcast system maintenance and support.  Full technical services, installation of new equipment within existing studios, maintenance of broadcast equipment, repair of broadcast equipment, tuning and configuring the broadcast chain. Including production studios.
  • Management services including research and planning, advising the general manager and board, procurement, and other services that would be reasonably carried out by an engineering/IT manager on behalf of the customer.
  • StreamCom provides a commitment to:
  • maintain sufficient technical expertise in house so as to avoid the requirement for external contractors.
  • Act in the customers interest at all times when negotiating with third parties for goods and services.
  • Not receive commissions or any other type of reward for goods or services supplied to the customer.
  • Provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week an emergency support service for critical systems, and management of technical problems to resolutions.
  • Become familiar with the customers culture and ethos, and at all times keep these in mind when working with and for the customer.
  • To keep a quality ethic as the motivation behind all work we carry out for the customer.

Broadcast System Design Services

When designing new, or overhauling old, broadcast facilities, it is important that certain best industry practises are followed.  To often the design of studios is left to architects who have no concept off what is required to build an efficient and effective facility.  Many technicians in the industry, even “old hands” have outdated ideas about cabling for audio, and do not take into account the requirements of an IT/digital centred operation.

StreamCom offers a design service that can provide detailed schematics, in depth plans and fully costed projects for production and on air studios.  We use state of the art design tools such as Wire Cad, a database driven wiring design tool, which allows us to virtually build on the computer each studio and rack, complete with equipment, and then calculate the lengths, quantities, and types of cables and connectors required for the entire job, reducing wastage and accurately predicting material costs.

We take into account issues such as workflow and ergonomics to provide efficient studio designs, we adhere to minimum and maximum standards for data and audio cables in accordance with industry and manufacturers specifications, we also provide for future cabling requirements based upon current industry trends.

Our design services extend to detailed plans for the building of efficient soundproof walls, ceilings, air conditioning and windows. 

There is a perception that building to traditional minimum industry standards is too expensive, planned correctly, and using alternate off the shelf materials, this need not be true.  StreamCom’s design service is based on designing studios that are efficient, effective, and cost effective.

Project Management

StreamCom can manage your broadcast related projects from conception to completion.  Whether this is planning for expansion or the establishment of new transmission sites, StreamCom will provide you with alternatives and options. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the square, and coming up with solutions that break boundaries.

Our first rule in project planning is to understand completely what the customer wants to achieve, and only then look for solutions.  To often in the industry, engineers use the same old designs from a tired repertoire of solutions.  We try to keep abreast of developments in the industry worldwide and look for ways to integrate new technology, to come up with new and code efficient designs.

We also keep ourselves updated in the associated areas of IT and telecommunications, as these technologies increasingly impact on broadcasting.  We maintain relationships with key providers and try to place ourselves in a position to influence providers to offer better prices to our customers.  If you need broadcast projects in time and on budget, we are the company for you.


Keywords: Broadcast, It Management