Facts and figures about wind power generation and the StormRider wind turbine

By: Stormrider  06-Dec-2011
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StormRider Facts & Figures

Wind Generation

The energy that a wind turbine can extract from the wind increases with the cube of the wind speed, ie the energy available at 20 km/h is 8 times that available at 10 km/h. At 10 km/h and below there is little energy available to a wind turbine. Therefore the key to successful operation of a wind turbine is having a windy site, and locating the turbine clear of obstacles likely to disturb the wind, particularly from the prevailing wind directions. I advise people who have low wind or poor wind conditions to consider alternative means of generation such as solar or hydro.

The following graph shows the maximum wind power at wind speeds up to 14m/s (50 km/h), and the theoretical maximum available to wind turbines, known as the Betz Limit. In practise wind turbines only convert between 20 and 40% of the maximum wind power to electricity. So a conservative estimate of 50% of the Betz Limit would be a reasonable expectation.

For example, the StormRider SR600 with a swept area of 2.2 sq/m, would be expected to produce 890 watts at 14m/s wind speed. Of course at that speed the output is limited to 600 watts maximum (generator limit) by the variable pitch blades.

Product Details

StormRider TM incorporates variable pitch blades which maintain the turbine at its maximum speed of 500 RPM no matter how strong the wind blows.

What's more it also incorporates a gust protection device, and an anti destruction device, which as the names imply, gives StormRider TM a level of safety to operate in extreme conditions never seen before in micro wind turbines.

This machine requires no intervention by the owner, simply set and forget.

StormRider TM does not shut down in strong winds, but continues to operate and generate power.

Currently we are still completing our final production model, and testing the design. We now anticipate the StormRider SR600 to be available early in 2012. A larger version, the StormRider SR1200 is planned for mid-2012.

Technical Details

StormRider SR600 The SR600 has a turbine diameter of 1.67m and will produce 600w at 40 km/h wind speed (11 m/s). At average wind speeds of 5 - 7 m/s; StormRider will produce 1.5 - 2.0 kw/h per day. The power produced by StormRider is 48VDC, which can be use in many different ways ranging from battery charging and storage for off-grid applications, to being fully grid-tied, with the ability to turn back the meter whilst feeding power directly into the grid thus further reducing your power bill.


StormRider SR600 NZD$2995 plus GST. SR 1200 $4995 plus GST. This price includes 1 wind turbine and 6m mounting pole with 4 anchor cables.

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