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By: Stemtech International  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Dlt, Blue-Green Algae, Cellular Repair

SE2™ Advanced Stem Cell Support

is the world’s first ALL-NATURAL supplement documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow.

Our patent-pending, proprietary formula is long-lasting and releases millions of stem cells in the bloodstream. It is an extraordinary blend of ingredients starting with AFA Concentrate.

An advancement in Cellular Renewal – helping Nature do what it is designed to do

Our Advanced Formula helps the body maintain and repair tissue and organs. In fact, Stemtech was first to discover the way to support the body’s natural renewal system by supporting the release of millions of adult stem cells into the bloodstream.

SE2 is not a traditional multivitamin supplement that works to supply nourishment to old cells. Instead, SE2 supports the natural release of “master” cells that can transform themselves into healthy new cells.


is a cutting-edge mixture of antioxidants and special enzymes that support optimal blood flow, even to the smallest capillaries. StemFlo™ supports the smooth “flow” of adult stem cells and nutrients to all parts of the body assisting and supporting in your body’s Stem Cell Nutrition*.

In clinical studies, StemFlo™ was shown to improve blood circulation within thirty minutes of consumption. The studies showed increased blood circulation in capillaries as well as substantial reduction in blood markers associated with fibrin production, too much of which may clog small blood vessels, along with a reduced oxidative stress*.

ST-5 with MigraStem

, Stemtech’s newest addition to the Stem Cell Nutrition product line, conveniently provides all the balanced daily nutrition you need for optimal health – you get essential vitamins, minerals, high quality protein, enzymes and fiber.

The ‘star’ in ST-5 is MigraStem, a powerful proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients that assists the body in its natural renewal process by supporting the migration of adult stem cells to tissues and organs in need*.


, DermaStem’s formula includes dozens of natural ingredients that rejuvenate the skin as they fight oxidative stress and the signs of premature aging.

Just one or two pumps of the mocha-hued fusion of natural oils applied to delicate areas of the face increase firmness, elasticity and tone. Clinical tests with DermaStem have shown dramatic results in the three essential elements of youthful-looking skin, starting in only 7 days.

Keywords: Blue-Green Algae, Cellular Repair, Dlt

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