Steadyco Cutlery, Toddler Cutlery and Feeding Products

By: Steadyco  06-Dec-2011

Steadyco Cutlery works just like adult cutlery!

This fully-working grown-up style toddler cutlery is designed to help children learn to eat properly with a knife, fork and spoon. It is specially sized to fit the hands and mouths of pre-school children and the specialist manufacturing process ensures that there are none of the food traps normally associated with plastic handled cutlery. The unique ergonomic handles help with coordination and use.

Designed and developed especially for toddlers and per-school children aged between 3 and 5 years old. The Cutlery Set encourages grown-up eating practices and helps develop dexterity and self confidence.

- Ideal from 12 months
- 3/4 sized heads fit the mouth of a 3-5 year old
- Ergonomic design for hands of a 3-5 year old
- Designed to prevent food traps usually associated with plastic/metal hybrid cutlery
- Hand orientated to give a correct, safe, cutting position
- The Spoon head fits the curves of the and making scooping liquids easy
The cutlery behaves like cutlery – The knife cuts & the fork stabs*
*Sharpness conforms to rigorous safety standards

- Available in 5 colours, matching tableware available
- Non Toxic, Freezer, Dishwasher & Microwavable Safe
- Dishwasher Safe | Microwave Safe | Freezer Safe | Sterilizer Safe
- Stackable
- Non-Toxic Plastic – BPA FREE & PHTHALATE FREE
- Recyclable

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All Steadyco children feeding products are available in five colours - pink, blue, red, yellow and white and are all freezer, dishwasher & microwave safe (except cutlery as parts are made from stainless steel). Steadyco Let's EAT Table Tools range has been developed with nutritionists to help prevent childhood obesity by producing products that are the correct size for the food portions needed by pre-school children.


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Alongside its mouth friendly qualities, the Steadycup will boost confidence, develop motor skills, and help avoid spillages as it has been developed especially to wean toddlers from bottles to grown-up cups. Research has shown that prolonged use of spouted cups and bottles can dramatically increase the risk of tooth decay whilst also hampering social development.


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This versatile bowl has been designed with nutritionists to help you measure the correct portion sizes you should be giving your pre-school child or toddler.