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By: Stainton Chellew  06-Dec-2011

 As a business-focussed law firm with a broad understanding of the commercial and legal issues that can have an effect on our clients’ business, personal and family portfolios, we believe we have the experience and the people to add significant value and input to all aspects of legal work.

Over the years, Stainton Chellew has proven to be successful in acting on behalf of clients to achieve positive outcomes in such areas as Litigation, Court work, Business Acquisition, Property Development and a wide variety of dispute situations earning us a well-respected reputation from both peers and clients alike.

So whatever the service you need, you can be assured we will give you the most professional and businesslike advice, the most effective action and the outcome you want.

We would always advise our existing or potential clients to talk to us first before taking any actions that could have hidden implications. For instance before committing to any investment opportunity- property, shares or business- we can carry out a thorough investigation and give you sound legal advice to base your decision on.