By: Stahlton  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Flooring Systems, Bridge Beams, Engineered Concrete

Stahlton Engineered Concrete manufacture concrete products and supply to site.  We specialise in prestressed flooring systems including Hollowcore, Double Tees, Flat Slab, Rib 7 Infill and Shell Beams. We also manufacture Bridge Beams including Super Tees and Double Hollowcore units. Precast panels, beams, spandrels, bleaches and stairs are also made at most Stahlton Engineered Concrete plants.

Keywords: Bridge Beams, Engineered Concrete, Flooring Systems

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Double Tees

Double Tees have been used extensively in New Zealand over the past 50 years and are the traditional method for spanning long distances. The Double Tee system uses high strength concrete and shear strings to be able to cope with high UDL's and point loads. The Double Tees can be flange hung, dapped end or full seat depending on load and circumstances.