SST New Zealand - maintenance

By: Sst New Zealand  06-Dec-2011


  Kleenup Granular

Multipurpose cleaning concentrate for spray equipment. Contains 8% available Chlorine suitable to decontaminate Sulfonyl Urea herbicide residues. Granular form does not lose strength so can be stored for extended periods of time.
    Boom Tank Cleaner General purpose cleaning powder for spray equipment.

Natural based lubricant and corrosion protectant for spraying equipment and general purpose situations.

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SST Australia

Longlife Marking Foams are premium performance foam markers which provide outstanding performance under difficult conditions such as in hard water or in very cold situations. LongLife HiLiteEnhanced visibility in low light conditions such as at Dusk or at dawn.


SST New Zealand - turf

Restore General purpose wetting agent for use where minimal watering in is preferable, or minimal water application volumes are available. TerracareHumectant to minimize evaporative loss or run-off from turf and to assist in water retention on well draining turf surfaces. Can be applied every three months where resources are scarce, or monthly for optimum turf maintenance where resources are available.