Spinal Interventions

By: SRG Specialist Radiology + MRI | Dr Quentin Reeves & Associates  28-Apr-2010
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Spinal Interventions are used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to minimise or eliminate back or leg pain.

At SRG, we are able to provide the following procedures:
 A Discogram is a diagnostic procedure to identify the disc in your back causing your pain. It is composed of two parts; an injection of dye under fluoroscopy followed by an MRI scan.

Nerve Root Injection
A Nerve Root Injection involves a direct injection of steroid and anaesthetic around an irritated nerve in your back. This helps to reduce inflammation and subsequently your symptoms.

Facet Joint Injection
Facet Joint Injections are bilateral injections (i.e. on the right and left) of steroid and anaesthetic into the joints in your back. They help to determine where your pain is coming from and will treat any irritation present.

Epidural Steroid Injection
An Epidural Steroid Injection involves administration of steroid and anaesthetic into the epidural space in your back. This encloses the nerves to your back to reduce back pain and other lower limb symptoms.

Keywords: Diagnostic Imaging, Health Care, Medical Centres

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