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By: Spill Control Systems New Zealand  06-Dec-2011
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Services SCS not only provide spill control equipment; we provide a complete package of services including , , , and a .

SCS offer an assessment service including a desktop analysis, a site visit and tour involving interaction with operators and management. This enables us to completely understand the requirements on a site, and the intricacies of the application – every site is different. The aim of this assessment is to provide you with a customized spill management plan and the right product for your operation. We want to design for you, the best and most cost effective, defensive and offensive management system to reduce potential risk as possible. now to find out about this service.

Nobody plans to spill products. Nobody knows when they will happen, but they do happen. Being prepared for that “what if” is paramount in managing the risk profile of your business. Often, the cost of not being prepared far outweighs the cost of developing a proper spill control plan, implementing it, and having on hand the right product for that fateful day.SCS can help you to develop and implement an effective spill control plan.SCS can design a range of plans from a basic compliant program meeting legislative requirements through to a more comprehensive plan which can be incorporated into your ISO 14000 system. Our role is to work with your company to develop a “risk reduction program” best suited to your needs.The key to the success of any program is the sustainability and reinforcement from management of the program and plan. It is important that once your systems are in place, constant improvement and review of changing policies and practices on site are taken into account. SCS can assist with these regular reviews. if you need a Spill Control Plan.

Buying quality spill response equipment is only a small part of effectively managing your spill risk. Staff should be trained to effectively identify and respond to a spill incident. SCS believe the most effective way to implement this change is the creation of a partnership between us, working together over a period of time to create systems, products and training to minimise these risks and if at all possible manage them out. We can assist you with this in the form of on-site training.SCS offers spill response training courses tailored to a variety of levels, and to the specific spill risks and spill response requirements on your site.SCS places an emphasis on developing a full spill contingency plan for a site, site specific training (including personal actions planned and developed to implement an agreed response for various hazards encountered) and seeks to integrate all aspects of a site’s operations, including sub contractors, suppliers and liaison with the Emergency Services. The training course involves the following basic structure:• Product Knowledge
• Training objectives
• Why is preparation for accidental spills important? (legal responsibilities)
• Spill Response Procedure
      • Contain
      • Absorb
      • Dispose
      • Incident reporting
      • Restock
      • Review
• Video presentation
• Getting the best from your Spill Kit
• Spill Response Training Assessment

In providing the complete package of spill control services, SCS also offer to dispose of used product in an environmentally sound manner. Having worked in the liquid waste business, we have good contacts which will entitle you to very competitive disposal rates and an excellent service.
SCS is committed to providing the best possible spill management systems. As part of this commitment, SCS provides a Spill Kit Maintenance Program which gives our clients easy, hassle free ongoing maintenance of your Spill Kit. This will provide you with many benefits including:

• Ensuring your kits are always stocked when required
• Spill kits don't become neglected and therefore unused
• Written reports forming part of your environmental and OH&S compliance system
• Cost savings by reducing time spent checking kits and placing orders
• Staff training can occur on an ongoing basis
• Access to technical advice

These services include:

• Regular (monthly or quarterly) on-site inspections
• Kits are cleaned, tidied and re-stocked
• Receiving a written report on the condition of your kits and the work carried out
• Inspection dates are recorded on the kits themselves
• Access to a 24 hr emergency callout service

Spill Control Systems New Zealand Limited
PO Box 58 984
Auckland 1730
New Zealand
Phone +64 9 274 3604

Keywords: Spill Control, Spill Management, Spill Response

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