Podiatry & Sports Podiatry Services in Central Auckland

By: Speight's Podiatry  05-Apr-2012
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General podiatry and sports podiatry specialists.

Whether you live, work or play in Central Auckland, Speight's Podiatry is happy to help you find relief from foot pain and discomfort.

Speight's Podiatry offers you fast, effective treatment for a wide range of foot problems including:

Whether you suffer from pain, discomfort, or simply the indignity of having 'ugly feet', we can help. Come and see us about your foot problem today – weird foot problems are a speciality.

Our specialist podiatry services include:

  • Gait analysis
    Our specialised technology allows us to see how your feet behave when you walk, run or jump, and help establish the cause of sports injuries.
  • Orthoses (orthotics)
    Ask us about high quality custom or off-the-shelf orthotic shoe inserts that adjust your foot posture and help reduce foot pain.
  • Innovative non-surgical treatments
    Speight's Podiatry is the only clinic in Auckland where you'll benefit from new, non-surgical treatments for many common foot problems.
  • Foot care products
    We supply Gehwol foot care products, together with expert advice on how to keep your feet in good shape, so you can avoid future foot problems.

Book your podiatrist appointment today

Appointments are generally 30 minutes, and a single podiatry session can work wonders on your feet. You may be surprised after just one appointment to leave with your feet looking and feeling better than before.

"I have been coming to Simon now for 10 years. I suffer from .. terrible corns - and without Simon I wouldn't be able to walk or dance! However coming to Simon I am able to continue with my activities. I would certainly recommend Simon to anyone suffering from any foot problem."

"..I have always had a problem with growing corns.. Simon looks after me on a regular basis. We have a wonderful chat while he is doing so, and makes my feet and therefore the rest of me very comfortable as a result.."

"..Simon made some orthotics because I have collapsed ankles from my rugby days .. My mate was going under the knife because he had a sore knee. I said get some orthotics, he did and avoided the Surgeon. His knee is much better!"

"..I have had ingrown nails for a few years now and I never liked going to the podiatrist.
I never liked the fact that the average visit lasted around 20 minutes making me feel like they didn't have time for my problem. Simon Speight spends time with his patients, he loves what he does, he is very good at doing it and he is entertaining too"

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