The truth about “Permanent” Hair Removal

By: Spectra Medical Nz  05-Apr-2012
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Did you know that medical centre’s and beauty salon’s throughout New Zealand that offer Laser Hair Removal and Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal are limited as to how they can promote their services?

Advertising restrictions only allow the promotion of permanent hair reduction NOT permanent hair removal.

The technology can cause permanent change to a hair follicle rending it incapable of ever re-growing hair (we now have clinical results dating back to 1991 supporting this fact).

But, this technology cannot treat all follicles in a single treatment, hence why you must visit a clinic up to 10 times.

Nor can it affect follicles that, at the time of treatment, are inactive or are growing very fine light hair (Vellus Hair).

With changes in age and hormones, these fine hairs can become coarse, taking on the natural hair colour of the individual. If the hair is dark, it can be treated effectively.

People may think that the technology has failed when they see hair re-growth after treatment, but it is actually just new hair becoming active.

For men we see this change in hair growth pattern with age as a receding hair line and increase growth of hair on both the shoulders and back.

For women some may have a slightly higher level of testosterone resulting in unwanted hair, and for others the onset of menopause can also see new hair growth which is really existing fine vellus hairs experiencing a change in the hair growth cycle causing them to become more prominent.

That’s why owning your own personal “intense pulsed light device” appeals to so many people. If you buy your own hand-held device, in the short term, you can manage unwanted hair, and in the future, you can deal to any new growth all in the privacy and comfort of home (and safely), whenever you need to. Sound good?

Next, let’s find out how this Intense Pulsed Light device works.

Keywords: Hair Removal

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