Alloy Steels

By: Special Steels and Metals  06-Dec-2011

HIGH PERFORMANCE special steel. 41-45 HRC hardness in the pre-hardened supply condition.
Approx. 185HB hardness in the annealed condition.
Intended for applications with severe demands on the mechanical properties of the material while also requiring very good machinability. Suitable for induction hardening,PVD coating & NITRIDING (900-1100 HV surface hardness).For highly stressed drive shafts and transmission parts for motor vehicles,tool and cutter holders,rolls and clamp jaws.

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Plastic Mould Tool Steels

Large Moulds for plastic processing mould carrier frames for plastic moulds, components for general mechanical engineering and tool manufacture. Pre-hardened corrosion resistant holder steel with very good machinability and high strength.Hardness range in the supplied condition 330-360HB. Chrome, Manganese, Molybdenum Steel with Sulphur, prehardened and tempered to 950 - 1100 Mpa.


Cold Work Tool Steel

In order to improve the wear resistance further some of the cold work steel grades are highly alloyed giving hard particles in the matrix. Special Steels & Metals can provide you with tool steels from a program of high quality tool steels covering all your demands. Low alloyed carbon tool steel grades, high-alloyed conventional metallurgy grades as well as powder metallurgical grades.


Hot Work Tool Steels

Heavy duty hot work tools and dies, mainly for light alloy processing; mandrels, dies and containers for metal tube and rod extrusion; hot extrusion equipment; tools and dies for hollow bodies, screws, rivets, nuts and bolts. Die casting equipment, forming dies, die inserts, hot shear blades, and plastic moulding dies.