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By: Snapcomms  06-Dec-2011

$1m of lost productivity*


*Based on an average salary of $50k.

SnapMag - Innovative Internal Newsletter Software

Internal Newsletter Examples


Reduce the time to produce an internal newsletter

SnapMag lets you allow anyone in your organization submit articles into the internal newsletter. Editorial controls allow you to maintain control of the content and layout. No longer do you have to chase people across the organization for newsletter content. SnapMag does this for you.

Engaging visual format

The SnapMag format helps you get information across in an engaging, visual way. Layout options enable staff to submit images together with their newsletter articles which are automatically resized to fit the internal newsletter template.

Example of a SnapMag User Generated Internal Newsletter



Easy to read

SnapMag is designed to be scanned, with ‘read more’ links connecting people to the intranet, web, or even documents on the network for more information. You can also get reports on how many people are reading your newsletter and which articles. This will help you tailor your content to suit your readers.



Easy to respond

SnapMag Internal Newsletter Designs are Customizable

Target to different audiences

You can target your internal newsletter to different groups. For example, individual departments may want their own version.

Up-to-date information

SnapMag allows you to produce a staff magazine very quickly with limited resource. Printed staff magazines, or laborious html magazines that you have to pull together yourself, can be out of date before employees even read them.

No HTML formatting required

SnapMag is automatically produced without any need to wrestle with html formatting.

More effective than an intranet notice board

SnapMag provides you with more editorial control plus you can push the published newsletter out to targeted computers. Some people won’t use notice boards as they are a 'destination' and are 'out of sight, out of mind'.

Build engagement

SnapMag helps you get information across in an engaging, visual way and, by encouraging staff to become involved in creating the newsletter, this builds a sense of community and engagement.

Internal Newsletter as a Communications Channel Example

'Safe' social media channel

Your company culture and demographic makeup may mean that some senior managers are reluctant to use tools like employee blogs and forums. They may fear losing control or fueling dissent. Under these circumstances, SnapMag can be a great alternative. It lets you distribute ‘safe discussion’ directly to employee ’s computer screens.

Internal Newsletter Options

  • Pushed

    directly to the computer screen in a number of ways.
  • Customizable look and feel

    Administrator(s) set up the layout of each internal newsletter.
  • Targeted

    Newsletters can be by department, region, interest or project specific.
  • User generated content

    Employees can easily submit newsletter articles.
  • Innovative delivery

    Internal newsletters and/or headlines can be promoted as scrolling news feeds.
  • Staff can search a database of past newsletter articles.
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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