Backing Plates

By: Smith & Arrow  06-Dec-2011

Polyurethane Backing Plates - Smith & ARROW Backing Plates are manufactured from a high grade polyurethane - not heavy rubber that can tear and chip and reduce the ability to get into tight areas, or flimsy plastic that can distort and have a very short life.  Our backing plates have a thin edge, are flexible, and yet are engineered to return to flat every time.  They are lightweight and like all Smith & ARROW products - designed to be very long lasting, providing excellent  value for money in an increasingly competitive world.

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Abrasives for Metal

We utilise the best and latest technology to produce a range of stainless steel and metal abrasives of the highest quality, superbly packaged and delivered to our customers usually within 48hours of the order being received. All Smith & ARROW metal Abrasives are designed to be of the highest quality utilizing the best ingredients available from Europe, Japan, and around the world.


Quality Abrasives for Concrete

Every product we sell in our Diamond Abrasives Range have been tested and granted the European EN13236 “Safety requirements for SUPERABRASIVES” and all are endorsed with the EN13236 Certification Mark. Smith & ARROW Diamond Abrasives are manufactured using the highest grade diamond mix in commercial grade volumes across our entire range.


INOX Stainless Steel Grade Ultra- thin Cutting Discs

INOX Stainless Steel Grade Ultra- thin Cutting Discs - these Cutting Discs are made to the highest standard to cut fast through Stainless Steel, reducing the amount of clean up work required. They are engineered to be long lasting providing very good value for money, and are also excellent for cutting Mild / Black Steel, Aluminium, and other metals.