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By: Smith And Partners  05-Apr-2012
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At Smith and Partners we have specialised knowledge and experience in the area of Employment Law. From an employer’s perspective employment disputes can be disruptive and costly. We can assist you by drafting employment agreements and documentation which covers key employment legislation factors like leave entitlement, grievance procedure and redundancy clauses.

Our Employment Law Team can advise on your obligations as an employer, provide guidance on hiring staff, employee performance issues, restructuring your business, responding to personal grievances, hiring staff and/or disputes.

For Employees we can assist you in the preparation of a personal grievance submission and provide advice on your rights and entitlements.

Employment Agreements & Policies

At the outset of the employment relationship we can assist employers with drafting employment agreements to suit specific business needs and meet the minimum standard set by legislation. As well as it being a legal requirement that every employee has a written employment agreement, difficulties can arise down the track if the terms of employment are not clearly agreed upon up front.

  • Employment agreements
  • Independent contractors agreements
  • Company policies, including health and safety, company rules & use of company motor vehicles

Holidays & Leave Entitlements

  • Annual leave
  • Public holidays
  • Sick & bereavement leave
  • Parental leave
  • End of relationship
  • Investigation by Labour Inspectorate

Legal Obligations

  • Employment Relations Act
  • Human Rights Act (discrimination)
  • Health & safety in Employment Act
  • Privacy Act

Restructuring and Redundancy

We have specialist experience in the design and implementation of restructuring and reorganisation processes. There are a number of legal and compliance issues associated with restructuring. Taking early advice can ensure you have the right plan and tools to restructure your business whilst ensuing legal requirements are met.

  • Legal advice and strategy
  • Tools to run meetings
  • Template letters

Disciplinary Action & Terminations

From an employers perspective, employment disputes can be time consuming and costly. We can advise and assist employers during any disciplinary process to ensure they can confidently manage the process whilst meeting legal requirements. Early intervention can often result in a productive ongoing working relationship, however if that is not the case, then taking advice up front can prevent an employer from facing an employment grievance at a later date.

  • Legal advice and strategy
  • Tools to run meetings
  • Template letters

Personal Grievances

In the situation where a personal grievance is raised and/or proceedings filed, we can assist you in settling and/or defending the matter. Our focus in resolving the dispute is to take the stress out of the situation and where possible avoid time consuming and costly litigation by reaching settlement prior to the matter getting to the Authority or Court.

  • Submitting a personal grievance
  • Responding to a personal grievance
  • Grievances raised by directors and shareholders
  • Dispute resolution
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Mediation strategy and attendance
  • Represenation in proceedings at the Employment Relations Authority/Court

Keywords: Employment Law

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