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By: Smartbiller  06-Dec-2011

SmartBiller (SB) App will run on any WebKit browser, this means regardless of whether you are on a Windows PC or  Mac platform SB will run on it.

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Using the Smart App has the advantage that irrespective of the device you are running it on the interface will look and operate in the same manner.

You can even run your SmartBiller App on multiple devices and platforms, with the ability to pull synchronised timers that have been paused or are running from one device to another.

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SmartBiller - Solutions

This approach to application delivery is part of the Cloud computing model where all of the technology is accessed over the Internet as a service. SmartBiller has been designed to run on multiple platforms, with a user licence enabling the named user to run their session on multiple devices. Integration with other Business applications enables the total solution from initial time recording to final client billing with user KPI's.


SmartBiller - Products

The SmartBiller application allows for multiple time entries to be recorded, starting a new timer will automatically pause a previously running timer, you can toggle between active timers pausing and starting as required. The web based SB App and web hosted SBA module is sold as a Cloud solution with the software as a service solutions comprising low cost per user per month payment options with automatic upgrades to software.


SmartBiller - SolutionsSmart Phones

With SmartBiller your team records the information as it happens and synchronise the information back to your central SmartBiller Administration system in real time so management have up-to-date team information regarding time been spent on jobs or projects. Smart Phones are becoming a cost effective tool for technicians, engineers and consultants while out of the office.


SmartBiller - ProductsAdmin_Module

The SBA module provides a central location to setup information that will be pushed to all SB user applications each time they synchronise i.e. adding a new customer or editing an existing customer. SmartBiller Administration system enables synchronisation of time based on; project, job number, client and employee all with an auditable checking and approval process and management reporting.


SmartBiller - SolutionsiPad

Many companies are moving to the versatility of the iPad for their sales representatives to be able to present to clients out on the road, now with the use of SmartBiller they can also track their time spent with each client while on the go. Sales managers can manage their Sales Teams KPI's with real time information. The SmartBiller App has been optimised to run seamlessly on Apples iPad.


SmartBiller - ProductsSmartBiller_App

The SB App is suitable to run on any WebKit compliant device which includes many modern Smart Phones, and desktop computers running web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. This approach to application delivery is part of the Cloud computing model where all of the technology is accessed over the Internet as a service.