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By: Smart Minds  05-Apr-2012

Ever feel that you are getting ripped off by your IT support provider? Well with our smart partners you will receive a cost effective maintenance and support service that will ensure that you have the most stable IT system possible.

Since they charge flat monthly fees they have the incentive to minimise the number of IT problems. They start by doing a full audit of your system then they go about stabilising and optimising your system to reduce and eliminate potential issues.  Then they install software on key computers and servers to monitor in real time all aspects so that issues can be identified early before they have an impact on your organisation.

As they get to understand your systems and how your organisation operates they can make recommendations as to how your systems can be improved and cost efficiencies can be made.

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This gives numerous advantages that are priceless:* regular professional backup* guaranteed availability* professional maintenance & support* increased physical and digital security* no huge up front capital investment required* cost effective monthly fees. Well with Iaas you can have all your server based data and applications run on a hosted server environment.


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We have go together with some trusted smart partners so that we can offer you the same high performance IT consulting, support and procurement services. IT consultancy and project management* Proactive IT management, support & maintenance* IT training & systems documentation* IT procurement & leasing. Give us a call or leave us a message today and see how we can help you improve efficiency and reduce IT costs.