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By: Slumbertop  06-Dec-2011
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Wishing For Better Sleep?
Choosing a memory foam topper may be the most important decision you can make for your body. Getting a good night's sleep is as important to your health and wellness as regular exercise and proper diet. Your body needs to recharge each night and regain energy to repair itself and as well as get you through your daily routine. A lack of proper sleep can greatly impair your mental performance, as well as prolong recovery from injury, and increase stress levels. So how can memory foam toppers help you get more sleep?

Tired of Restless Nights?
Tossing and turning during the night cuts into the amount of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep that you get during the night. REM sleep is the most essential part of your sleep cycle and can take as long as 90 minute to reach. If you toss and turn during the night, even if you don't wake up, you will not reach the REM stage of sleep and you will not wake feeling rested. Memory foam toppers offer your body the comfort and support your body needs to reach REM sleep.

We Can Eliminate Tossing and Turning
Tossing and turning is your bodies way of looking for proper support to allow your muscles to completely relax. Memory foam toppers answer your bodies need for support by contouring to your curves. With a memory foam topper you need only relax in your favorite sleeping position and let the foam contour around you for ultimate support and a restful night. Eliminate tossing and turning and wake feeling rested and rejuvenated with memory foam toppers.

Never Wake With an Aching Back Again
A large reason for morning aches and pains can be explained by the lack of support your body receives from traditional mattresses. Your traditional flat mattress forces your spine to assume a position that it otherwise not choose to take. With a memory foam pad your body can sleep in a supported position that does not force your spine to contort to the shape of your mattress. Memory foam pads contour to you!

Memory Foam is made in various densities
This is an important consideration as a low density does not provide adequate support whereas too high a density is often too firm and more costly. SlumberTop is made of the best quality Japanese ingredients available, providing excellent visco-elasticity with a density of 70kg/m3 (4lb). Research in USA has shown that this density is ideal, not too firm or soft, giving adequate and comfortable support. Utilizing the latest technology coupled with the world’s best ingredients, SlumberTop is is superior and more affordable than other brands.

Our products are made using harmless ingredients, are resistant to dust mites and are naturally antimicrobial and:

  • Never needs turning
  • Anti-microbial
  • Knitted primary cover
  • Deluxe, hypo-allergenic jacquard outer cover zippered for easy removal and washing

Memory foam has a distinct odour when new, just like many factory-new products. SlumberTop has been pre ventilated at the factory to substantially reduce odour. Any residual smell will be slight and is non toxic. For users who are particularly sensitive simple instructions are provided for odour removal.

50mm or 75mm topper?

Our 50mm toppers are suitable for people whom have a mattress that is too firm and need a softer comfort layer to conform to their bodies shape. It’s also suitable for people who prefer to sleep on their stomach. The 50mm is enough to change the surface feel of your mattress, and improve the overall comfort of you mattress. We recommend our 75mm topper for persons weighing over 95kg.

Our 75mm memory topper is great for side and back sleepers, or for those who sleep in a variety of positions. In our experience, we have found the 75mm to be the number one choice for memory foam toppers. Most memory foam mattresses contain a 75mm comfort layer. It's enough for most people to get the benefits of memory foam. Or you have an especially hard mattress and you are looking to totally transform it to a memory foam feel this would be the ideal thickness for maximum support and comfort.

Topper 50mm (2") Our Value+ topper provides excellent support and comfort, from $198.
Topper 75mm (3") The Super 3 provides superior luxury and comfort. Strongly recommended for the heavier person and those seeking the ultimate sleep. It also makes an excellent spare mattress, from $254.

The best prices with free delivery in the Auckland area with a 14 day money back guarantee.

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