By: Simple Security  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Car, Alarm, Tyre Pressure

Make Things Easier Get A Simple Alarm.

Your car will sense that the remote is near and automatically unlock when you walk near, and lock when you walk away.

Studies show that up to 50% of

stolen vehicles were left unlocked. Having Simple alarm means your car is always locked and secure when your gone.

Make it Simple.

Courier Post

“It saves me time, is very convenient and easy to use.”

Nick T - Courier Driver

PBT Couriers

“Great Technology made easy for the average person.”

Carl Price - Operations

“It makes deliveries faster, its simple and convenient.”

Kris - Courier Driver

Extend Tyre Life, Fuel Eceonomy and Safety!

A Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System displays all of your tyre pressures and temperatures in real-time on an easy to read LCD screen.

Over 50% of tyres are under-inflated by at least 5psi. This increases tyre wear by

20%-30% and fuel consumption can go up by 3%! Not to mention the safety hazards.

Know If Your Car Alarm Is Triggered,

When It Happens!

See the links below to see what else you can do to reduce the chances of your vehicle being damaged or stolen.

Keywords: Alarm, Car, Tyre Pressure