Simparts - Obutto oZone Flight Cockpit

By: Simparts  05-Apr-2012

The oZone gaming cockpit transforms the way we game!

Tired of flying your P-51 Mustang through the skies of Europe, or your Airbus A320 into London Heathrow from your boring desk? The oZone gaming cockpit, in flight sim mode, is perfect for any journey through the sky! Attach your flight controls to the suitable mounts and immerse yourself in the game like never before with a realistic cockpit seating position.

The Obutto oZone Flight Cockpit great for pilots of any size aged appx14 & up

What you get with the Obutto oZone flight cockpit

- very stable thick walled carbon steel frame (3.2cm diameter pipe with 2.2mm

thick walls)

- seperate H-pattern shifter mount (mounts on either side)

- height adjustable yoke mount (over 12 inches of travel)

- removeable flight stick mount for between your legs

- removeable flight stick mount for the side

- removeable throttle mount for either side

- real reclineable car sports seat

- real car seat sliders for easy adjustment

- removable swiveling keyboard/mouse tray, with *NEW* removeable mounts on

either side

- removable VESA mount monitor stand for hard mounting your LCD monitor

uses standard VESA bolt mounting patterns 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm,

200mm x 100mm

- height & distance adjustable rubber covered pedal tray, also fully removeable

Please note the Obutto oZone Flight cockpit comes with a single monitor mount as standard. If you would like the triple monitor mount please add it from the Accessories below

Please note that the pricing in NZD does not include any freight charges

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