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By: Silk Associates  06-Dec-2011

Communication Strategy Development
Communications Audit
Communications Workshops

Where there are two or more people there is a need to communicate unambiguously, clearly and effectively.  Find out how to define your audiences, key messages, develop communications activities, assess risks and evaluate its effectiveness within a strong communications plan. Using a creative, collaborative team approach, you can maximise your communications strengths and identify any weaknesses. Whether it's communicating internally to staff or externally to clients and the general public, good communications can promote greater understanding and influence opinion.

Publicity workshops
Writing press releases/publicity stories
Publicity is the dissemination of promotional material to draw interest or generate sales. It is a key ingredient in promoting your TV show, band, film, event and other products and services.  How do you generate interest or sales, where can you find a publicist, how do you write a press release and how do you develop your contact list?  What's 300 dpi and how do you write TV billings and a publicity kit?  This workshop focusses on techniques for publicising Maori or Pacific TV shows, music, events, organisations at corporate, community or iwi level.

Media training

  • Examining the media
  • What do you do when the media calls?
  • How to prepare for a media interview (TV, Radio, Newspaper)
  • How to handle a tricky interview
  • How to prepare your key messages for an interview
  • Interview roleplays

Public speaking

  • How to write a speech
  • How to speak confidently in front of an audience
  • How to read your audience

Writing, Design and Production Services

  • Newsletters and brochures
  • Corporate DVD/Video production
  • Radio scripts and soundbites
  • Voice over work

Television Production

  • Research
  • Director (Field and OB)
  • Journalist
  • Presenter
  • Voice Over
  • Producer