Rigging : ShowQuip, Christchurch, New Zealand

By: Showquip  06-Dec-2011
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Truss, motors and rigging go hand in hand and, over the years, ShowQuip has built up a variety of products fabricated in-house to service this need.

Pickup Beams

This is a product that must be tailored to the truss it is intended to hang. It dispenses with the traditional span set and makes for a cleaner more secure interface. All these products are certified to cater for the stress and loading capabilities of the application intended. (See images below)

Chain Bags

The ShowQuip chain bag has developed over the years. With higher lifts required, it is imperative to eliminate spillage and essential to get the bag as close to the mouth of the chain feeder as possible.

The traditional round style with single clip has been superseded with a small long deep style with two stainless steel dog-clip attachments. Tough rip stop fabric with double-stitched webbing for added strength and moisture drain hole make this unit a favourite out in the field.

With the Lodestar hoist able to be inverted, the position of the bag can be further enhanced with the simple securing bracket as shown.

Keywords: Truss

Other products and services from Showquip


Staging : ShowQuip, Christchurch, New Zealand

The ShowQuip deck is manufactured from a custom alloy extrusion that is lightweight for handling, and of high strength alloy specification welded together to form a light but very strong structural solution. Trans-Tex is a wood-based laminated panel made from strong, dense, premium quality Birch veneers overlaid with a hard-wearing phenol film overlay on both sides.


Trussing : ShowQuip, Christchurch, New Zealand

ShowQuip produces an extensive range of custom and off-the-shelf modular trusses locally, the only active truss manufacturer in New Zealand. The scope of this equipment is typically underestimated as a basis to create large and impressive temporary structures quickly and safely. A truss as used in the entertainment sector is a modular, spatial lattice structure, predominantly made of welded aluminium tubes. Range of section sizes and profiles.


Set Design and Build : ShowQuip, Christchurch, New Zealand

In conjunction with The Arena Management and other interested parties ShowQuip researched and designed a Mother Grid system of trusses to allow riggers to work safely to install production rigging typically required for the various staged productions that this venue wishes to attract.


Services : ShowQuip, Christchurch, New Zealand

The services offered by ShowQuip continue to extend to meet the needs of our growing client base – essentially from initial concepts and design through to fabrication, installation and commissioning; backed up with maintenance options. We have commissioned and are about to launch a new service within ShowQuip for the management of your ShowQuip assets.


Products : ShowQuip, Christchurch, New Zealand

Under the Health and Safety Standards Act of 1990, the responsibilities and risks associated with staging and rigging in New Zealand are best managed by specialists in the entertainment field. Our company designs and builds to specification and offers fast quotations, drawings and quick turnaround build times. Custom lengths, boxed corners and curved sections can easily be produced to suit specific requirements.


Hoists : ShowQuip, Christchurch, New Zealand

Traditional entertainment hoists available have been governed by a 5:1 safety specification but with more and more dynamic loading required in the air, the European rigging industry looked at increasing the safety factor to 10:1. ShowQuip is very active in large installation projects of trussing and rigging and have been ready to meet the fast–changing demands on hosting equipment and the guidelines required for safety.