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By: Shore Automotive  05-Apr-2012

Shore Automotive offers a full range of automotive services, including car servicing, brake repairs or replacement, transmission flushing, tyre replacement, Warrant of Fitness, and tuning. We are your one-stop auto repair shop, and with our detailed quotes you can guarantee that there will be no surprises!

We do it all – car servicing, car brakes repair, automatic transmission flushing.

Full service
  • Check suspension and remove all wheels, check, clean and adjust brakes, front and rear, adjust park brake.
  • Change engine oil and filter, check condition of fluids and top up all levels.
  • Grease all relevant points.
  • Perform visual inspection of vehicle under body, drive belts, lights, battery, tyres etc.
  • Report on any faults found.
  • Perform all relevant tune checks.
  • Check condition of air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs.

This is a top to bottom comprehensive inspection of your vehicle. You won't find a more comprehensive car service in the North Shore!

Lube service
  • Replace engine oil and filter.
  • Check and top up all other fluid levels, perform visual inspection of under body and report on any faults found.
  • Grease all relevant points.
  • Check lights and tyre pressures, drive belts etc.

It is important to perform regular car engine fluid maintenance.Your car will run more smoothly after our lube service.

  • Spark plugs removed and checked, coil output and plug leads checked.
  • Distributor cap removed and checked.
  • Timing set and advance checked.
  • Air filter element checked, any faulty or worn parts replaced if required, fuel mixture and idle speed checked.

With todays fuel prices its even more important to regularly tune your vehicle. Not only will your car run smother it will help keep fuel consumption down, saving you money.

Transmission flush
  • Perform transmission flushing and servicing as per your vehicles requirements.

We realise that getting a regular transmission flush is an essential part of keeping your vehicle well-maintained. Bring your car in today for a thorough service!

Warrant of Fitness
  • Carry out a Warrant of Fitness Inspection as per LTSA guidelines.

Get a Full Service, Lube Service, Tune, Transmission Flush, or Warrant of Fitness.

Get a Warrant of Fitness while you wait - Shore Automotive provides a reasonably priced, efficient WOF service.