- Canada Goose Calls CD

By: Shootemdead  06-Dec-2011

1)                  The Honk
The honk is made by geese to establish the whereabouts of other mobs of geese. Use it in short 10 second intervals.

2)                  The Cluck
The cluck will be your response to geese that are honking. It is telling them “we are over here

3)                  The Feed Call
The Feed call can be used at any time. I use it when I can’t see the geese or they are distant. When I use it I swing back and forth from the feed call to the rest call.

4)                  The Rest Call
The Rest call is great for approaching geese just before you go to the double cluck call

5)                  The Bring-them-Back Call.
The Bring-them-Back Call is great for turning geese that have flown past those mobs that are away in the distance flying in other directions. I have swung huge mobs and brought them into my kill zone with this one. One of my favorites

6)                  The Double Cluck
When geese are within 200 yards of you – hit them with the Double Cluck and watch them commit.

7)                  Layered Feed Call

8)                  Layered Feed Call & Resting Call

9)                  Layered Resting Call

10)              Layered Double Cluck

11)              Layered Bring-them-Back Call

            These Layered calls give the impression of more than one goose calling and they have all given me great results. The Layered Bring-them-Back Call and the Layered Double Cluck are my favorites

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