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By: Shift My Music  06-Dec-2011
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Wedding videos, holiday movies and classic family footage. You've probably got hours of precious movie memories on tape but did you know that those tapes could be deteriorating day by day? We'll convert your VHS tapes to DVD and supply the finished disc packaged in a DVD case with the title printed on the disc as well as on on the front and spine of the case for easy indexing.
Please note that the quality of the DVD is dependent on the source quality of your movie.

Enjoy your precious memories for generations to come by converting your movies today!

Your VHS video converted straight to DVD. DVDs will be supplied with title printed on the disc as well as on the front and spine of the case for easy indexing. NB: We only convert VHS tapes.
NZ$ 40.00 Per tape

Get more copies for friends and family.
NZ$ 15.00 per DVD
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Dvd, Tapes

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