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By: Sheepskin Rug Shop  05-Apr-2012
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One Bowron Baby Sheep Skin for the carseat, one for play and one for on the move! The ideal gift that goes on giving..babycare rugs are a great comfort for older children when ill or convalescing in bed.

Calms and soothes- Soft wool fibres are a delight to touch.
Calms and soothes babies. Helps comfort colicky children too.
Perfect all year round- Nature's insulation. Wool keeps baby warm and cosy in cold weather.
In warm weather, wool absorbs moisture, which is then released into the air ensuring baby stays drier and comfortable at all times.
The go-anywhere bed - Young travellers will feel secure in unfamiliar places with their Babycare Lambskin.


Bowron Sheepskin Baby Rugs

everywhere, everyday for years.

Sanitized for lasting hygiene - Babycare Lambskins are sanitized to ensure protection against bacteria through many washes.

Great when you are sitting around - In the stroller, car seat, playpen or on the floor, Babycare provides a warm and secure baby comforter 24 hours a day.

More time for parents - Babies love the feel of soft wool fibres.

Babies sleep longer and more soundly on Babycare Lambskins, leaving more time for mother.

Comfort all the way - No crinkles or creases. No pressure points that cause discomfort.

Journeys in car seats with a

Bowron Sheep Skin Baby Rug

means happy baby and parents.

The warm play rug - Baby's favourite lambskin makes a great play rug.

Keeps baby and friends off cold floors too.

Length approx. 800-950mm/31-37 inches
Minimum Width 480mm / 19 inches
Pile Height 30mm / 1.2 inches

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