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By: Sgf Laboratories  05-Apr-2012

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The Broen Stabitherm is a high performance thermostatic mixing valve suitable for a wide range of applications. Broen Stabitherm also carries the following features:
- Approved for use by NSW Health
- Complies with AS4032.1 and AS4020
- Cold and Hot water shut down if either supply is interrupted
- Designed for easy servicing

Suitable for installation into AS3500 compliant systems for:
Hot Water 70 deg Celsius – 90 deg Celsius
Cold Water 10 deg Celsius – 25 deg Celsius
Stabilet®and Stabiline® are valves with a unique magnetically operated opening and closing system, especially designed for use in the food industry, health sector or any other location where a high standard of hygiene is required. The Stabilet® is a thermostatic mixer with a reliable built-in danfoss thermostat. The element has a built-in anti-scalding device which automatically shuts off the hot water if the cold water supply is interrupted. The stabiline® is for cold, hot or premixed water. The valve bodies for the knee operated fittings can be supplied with electronic operation. This latest development ensures maximum control of hygiene as the new system is ”non-touch”. Operation of the valve is simplicity in itself. Each spout has infra-red sensors built into the flange. Placing the hands under the spout breaks the beam and operates the valve taking the hands away switches off the valve shortly after. The electronic operating unit contains a mains transformer and all circuits are intrinsically safe. The operating distance for the infrared sensor is preset when delivered, but the built-in potentiometer allows further adjustment on site. A built-in illuminated diode is also supplied to assist installation.

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