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By: Sentrybay  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Security, Data Entry

EntryProtect is the world's leading anti-key logging technology. It is specifically designed to be integrated with third party software applications to make them "keylogger-proof". It can be embedded into PC-based, smart-card based or flash-disk based applications.

Enterprise software vendors have no control over the security of the enterprise and the relevant endpoints utilizing their software. Therefore both access to, and data entry into software applications can easily be compromised by key logging spyware. The blame for security events is often, rightly or wrongly, leveled at the software vendors themselves. Integrating SentryBay's key logging protection prevents such security events and provides the vendor with a key security feature to help generate revenue.

How EntryProtect Works

EntryProtect's eight protection techniques effectively thwart all software key loggers. EntryProtect operates by identifying all areas of the operating system where information can be uplifted and provides patented techniques that thwart the attacker at every level. This multi-layered approach provides full security - regardless of what part of the operating system or application is attacked, and regardless of the rights of the local user.

The diagram below illustrates how EntryProtect protects the various levels of the operating system to ensure attackers either uplift no data, or receive false information generated by EntryProtect.

Benefits of using EntryProtect

Embedding EntryProtect into your software application:

  • Increases revenues from new customers, and existing customers (through upgrades)

  • Adds a key selling feature to your solution

  • Prevents customer security breaches

  • Avoid negative PR from a data breach

Deploying EntryProtect only takes a matter of hours. The protection is invisible so does not affect end users of an application.

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Keywords: Data Entry, Security

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