By: SenSearch  28-Apr-2011
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Services / Facilities

Consultancy and Training

On-site sensory training for QC AND NPD personnel

Staff screening and sensory panel formation

Design of sensory testing area


SenSearch can free up internal resources for other purposes.

We act as an additional member of your team when you lack the technical skills or resources in-house.

Saving you money when it comes to hiring the service only when required compared to the cost of full time sensory specialist employment.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Quality is about consistency from day to day - the texture, colour, flavour and mouth feel should always stay the same. Consumers should always know what to expect.

In quality control, the object is to prevent the manufacture of bad product. Companies use on-going sensory-evaluation processes, which are built into their QC programs to detect product problems before they hit the market.

Product problems may include problems due to rancidity, sanitizer interactions, off-flavour from improper processing, missing ingredients, too much of an ingredient, or improper product or ingredient storage.

SenSearch can set up an internal QC panel in your company, training your staff to set up and run this process on a daily basis to pick up sensory issues at the earliest stages.

New Product Development

Depending on your specific project, you may require the services of a Focus Group or Consumer Testing.

SenSearch’s capabilities can provide critical information on how well your product delivers on the concept (via focus groups), how your product compares to the competition (via consumer testing) and how it will be received by your target market.

Monitoring competition

Effective consumer tests are used to provide information on consumer liking.

Tests such as Acceptability and preference testing provides a quantitative measure of a consumer liking and/or preference of your product.

Screeners and questionnaires are used to gather demographic data, frequency of usage, and purchase history about a particular product or group of products.

Consumer Sensory Evaluation (Consumer Insights)

Like traditional market research, consumer sensory evaluation uses targeted consumers and can be carried out in any location or situation as required.

Consumer tests determine how consumers feel about the product, in terms of the appearance, odour, taste, flavour and texture.

Consumer Recruitment

Dependable consumer analysis is based on the correct panel selection which reflects the manufacturers target market of the consumer product.

The panel has to be selected according to the target population criteriafor which the product is intended for.

SenSearch uses the services of a long standing and respected recruitment company recognized by the MRS whereby their relationshipprovides professional recruitment based on the clients screening criteria.

Product Testing

We can carry out Quantitative Research for almost any consumer product; Electronics, Cosmetics,Stationary, Paper towels, Nappies…. You name your research needs – and we will make it happen!

We will find out how consumers feel about your product in terms of its appearance, user friendliness, overall functionality - or how consumers compare your product to similar ones on the market.

Keywords: Food