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By: Sempre Avanti  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Management Consultants, Business Mentors

Social media quick start training Start 2012 off with a fast paced and informative session on the use of social media for professionals.

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The beginning of the year is a traditional time to set goals and make plans and strategies for the year.

What do you want to achieve this year with your strategy and approach to social media and the use of tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook?

To help you clarify your thinking here are some social media predications for 2012

• The use of LinkedIn by recruiters, customers and your competition will continue to grow

• The use of twitter will make a comeback

• Social Media will provide you with information, knowledge and wisdom if used correctly

• Smartphones put the power of social media at your fingertips

• Your clients will demand more from you and expect that you have a social media presence

• Having a social media strategy will become a competitive advantage

• More and more apps will be available to increase your efficicney with posting information to social media sites

• 2012 is the year of convergence your personal and business brands will merge

Business professionals in today’s technology rich environments are presented with many opportunities to market ourselves through many channels. The rise in the past 5 years of social media platforms has provided us with amazing opportunities to leverage our networks both nationally and internationally.

All professionals either independent professionals, teams or companies need to have a social media strategy and approach.

Many business owners and professionals ask me “What sites should I use”? and “How do I integrate all of my social media sites”? In addition, the big question I am asked is “Should I use Facebook for business”?

When it comes to social media strategy often the questions are:

1. Can I use Social Media to increase my sales?

2. Can I use Social Media to increase awareness, of both my business and skill sets?

3. Do I use an independent professional to help aid me through the definition of my Social Media strategy?


A two hour social media quick start training is designed for professional who what to make an impact, get ahead of the competition and to be successful in 2012 by using social media effectively.

Keywords: Business Mentors, Management Consultants