V-Link Overview

By: Sektor Payments  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Pos Integration

V-Link is the method used to create interfaced EFTPOS solutions using VeriFone terminals. V-Link supports 3 different protocols that may be used to communicate with the EFTPOS terminal.

  • VX-Link: This is a full featured protocol that supports POS printing;
  • VL-Link: This is a simple protocol designed for simple POS applications and ECRs;
  • Gen-Link: This is not strictly a single protocol but Gen-Link is able to interpret legacy one-way protocols;

The choice of protocol will depend on your specific requirements. If your POS application already supports a simple legacy POS integration protocol then it is possible that no development work is required and you can progress straight to testing the solution. Please contact Sektor for the legacy protocols that are supported. If you do not support a legacy protocol or you wish to support a protocol with more features then the VX-Link protocol will probably be the best choice. It has the most features and a solution using VX-Link can easily be upgraded to use Vault (an integrated solution) at a later stage. The table below describes the features of the various protocols.

 Feature VX-Link VL-Link Gen-Link
 1-Way Operation Yes Yes Yes
 2-Way Operation Yes Yes -
 Serial Interface Yes Yes Yes
 TCP/IP Interface From Q3 2010 - -
 Support for simple Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) - Yes Yes
 POS Printing Yes - -
 Standard Financial Functions (purchase, purchase plus cash, refund, cash out) Yes Yes Yes
 Logon Yes - -
 Settlement Cutover Yes - -
 Reprint Receipt Yes - -
 Get Receipt Text Yes - -

Documentation, test software, test scripts, etc for the above protocols can be found on the


Keywords: Pos Integration

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The ZyXEL WAP3205 WiFi Access Point offers a cost effective means of reliably connecting your VeriFone Vx670 WiFi terminal. Removable aerials, which can be replaced with specialised aerials for even more comprensive coverage in those tricky areas. Easy configuration process and the ability to save a standard configuration. Dual aerial and high output signal strength for longer range.


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A one piece terminal with a two piece terminal feel, this interface capable terminal has the ability to transact via Dial or Ethernet IP on the Paymark or ENZ networks to best meet your specific needs. The VeriFone Vx810 Duet terminal is the ideal countertop solutions for all your fixed location payment requirements. Two Piece Counter Top Terminaloperating Paymark & ENZ Software. Paper Roll 57mm x 47mm.


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For business going places the VeriFone Vx670 terminal is the ideal localised wireless WiFi solution for all your mobile payment requirements. For business going places the VeriFone Vx670 terminal is the ideal wireless GPRS solution for all your mobile payment requirements. Debit & Credit Card Processing. Paper Roll 57mm x 38mm.


Interfaced and Integrated Solutions

Easy to implement in both small and large environments, selecting an interface for POS integration is dependent on the features required by the merchant and the functionality supported by the POS or ECR application. By writing the application only once, POS vendors can offer merchants interfaced payment processing solutions that provide multiple choices of functionality and VeriFone hardware devices.


V-Link Technical Overview

If you are a POS application developer wanting to integrate your POS application with a VeriFone terminal then you have a number of options available to you. Vault is an EFTPOS Integration product that allows your POS application to be fully integrated into an EFTPOS solution. 2-Way Operation (terminal responds with transaction result. EFTPOS solutions using VeriFone terminals.