Shipping and High Security Seals

By: Security Seals  06-Dec-2011
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Transport - Barrier Security

High Security Seals provide your products with the premier level of Security. Due to the strength of these security products, they impose a time constraint to those tampering with the seal. Should your shipment be tampered with, this will be immediately visible. Talk to us today about SES / SEP and New Zealand Customs approvals

ISO PAS 17712 compliant

The Klicker seal features the same protection as the iKlic but the main difference is the rib patterned surface and the fixed cap. Also ISO PAS 17712 compliant and C-TPAT approved the Klicker and iKlick seal carry US and UK customs approvals


We are well aware that some customers require a bolt seal to simply lock the shipping container or move the container nationally around the country (Non Export) and this seal does not necessarily have to be at the expense of a ISO or C-TPAT compliant product. Because of this, we offer a very user friendly low cost “National Movement seal” with both head and pin uniquely numbered.


ISO PAS 17712 compliant

The Mega Lock is a combination of the Mega Cable Lock and the Klicker seal. Two of the most proven high-security seals in our range offering a two door locking device for even higher security making it unique a user friendly world wide approved seal.


Because the pin of the Flexi Klick is made from soft galvanized wire, the cut-off parts of the seal, will not puncture truck tires. If a truck will drive over the cut-off pin parts, the wire of the bolt pin will fray, and not penetrate the truck tire. This feature brings cost savings to any company that is maintaining a truck fleet or operating a cargo terminal.


The Mega Cable Lock seal can be made in variable length and thickness to suit your locking application. The metal seal comes with a pull-through locking mechanism with ribbed surface.


Strong multi strand high security cable seals in varied thicknesss suitable for train wagons, containers, cages and other risk applications


The MF Bar seals is a bolt security seal to lock container's central bars for any kind of container.


The Pallet Lock is specifically designed to secure Plastic or Metal strapping on large items such as pallets and large boxes.


The Domino seal is designed to withstand very warm and cold conditions on long haul shipments. The seal features a plastic cap which enables lasermarking and comes in various colours.


The Mega Arrow Seal is one of the most tamper evident ring seals in the world combining unique features like the Inspection Window, heat staking and a triple locking mechanism.


Keywords: Barrier Security, Locking Mechanism, Seals, Security, Security Seals

Other products and services from Security Seals


Security Seals : Gaming Equipment

Since these early days, Security Seals has grown to become New Zealand leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of Security Seals, Security Bags and also Security Labels. The Casino Box is designed for a variety of applications that include Gaming, Financial Services & Banking, Retail & Police Sectors. Security Seals has been securing the National Supply Chain with Innovation and Design.


Securing the Global Supply Chain with Innovation and Design

SSL also appreciates the need for disaster planes to ensure a near immediate supply for in the event of an emergency, so we have recently implemented a Client Disaster Recovery Program. While this topic is constantly under review, Security Seals offers RFID enabled security seals for shipping containers utilizing either Active or Passive RFID technology.


Security Seals : Security Labels

MFM Security Labels has developed a self-wound tamper evident carton sealing tape called Tamper Evident tapes to cater to the special needs of those responsible for the transportation of valuable goods. Tamper Evident labels provide you with an easy way to identify tampering through physical evidence by revealing a hidden message if the label is removed or peeled.


One Time Use Security Pouches, Cash Bags

Not only is a high level of expertise available within production, but our outstanding backup service and supply commitments will standout above the rest.Throughout New Zealand and all the Pacific where bag volumes are often smaller, you now have the flexibility to request high and medium security product at international standards.


Re-Usable Security Bags, , Cash Bags

Depending on your application need and lasermarking, a choice can be made for bigger or smaller seals to suit the tamper evident security bags of your choosing. Our cash bags and re-usable security bag products are tamper-evident and secured with the leading proprietary sealing and locking technologies in the world.