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Tamper Evident labels provide you with an easy way to identify tampering through physical evidence by revealing a hidden message if the label is removed or peeled. Our labels are both heat and freeze resistant providing reliability in any conditions. Tamper evident labels are an excellent deterrent to theft as all attempts at entry will be instantaneously known by the revealed "VOID" message.

Tamper Evident labels are sequentially numbered to prevent copying or duplication. Your customised company logo and name can be printed to enhance security even further. Bar coding can also be provided as an option for data recording. Any normal pen can write on the label face. Standard colour is blue. Other colours are available for large quantities. Standard sizes are 30mm x 78mm and 20mm x 60mm. Custom sizes are available for larger quantities.

Tamper Evident labels are made from high quality adhesive, which is suitable for almost all application surfaces either indoor or outdoor. There are 3 distinct types of Tamper Evident Triggering Systems available for different types of application:

Partial Transfer System

  • Adhesives will be partially transferred to the applied surface.
  • Suitable when sealing evidence is required on the applied surface for audit purpose.

Total Transfer System

  • Adhesives will be totally transferred to the applied surface.
  • Suitable when the applied surface is fibrous.

Non Transfer System

  • Virtually no adhesives or residual will be transferred to the applied surface.
  • Suitable when the seal is needed to be periodically broken and subsequently resealed again.

MFM Security Labels has developed a self-wound tamper evident carton sealing tape called Tamper Evident tapes to cater to the special needs of those responsible for the transportation of valuable goods.

Tamper Evident Tapes are made from the highest quality polyester material and adhesives that can withstand heat and cold attacks.

Tamper Evident Tapes provides the user with a physical evidence of tampering by revealing its hidden message if the tape is peeled. Furthermore, the surface of the tape is silicon coated to prevent resealing of the package by applying a new layer of tape over it if the original Tamper Evident tape is cut.

There are 2 types of design for our Tamper Evident tapes:

  • Series 3 Transparent film with a 2 tone appearance with a standard tape width of 55mm.
  • Series 7 - A solid colour film with a standard tape width of 48mm.

Standard colours are red, blue, orange, green, purple, white, transparent or custom colours.Tamper Evident tapes can be customised with your company logo and name or a custom language or hidden message.

Tamper Evident tapes will provide an excellent deterrent to theft while sealing your carton as any attempt of entry will be known Instantaneously by the revealed hidden message.

Tamper Evident tapes can be used in any hand held dispenser or be made In long rolls suitable for automatic application.

Keywords: Security Labels

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