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By: Securevault  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Data Protection

SecureVault works with PC, Mac and Linux desktops, laptops and servers by using a web-based interface where you can manage and select which directories and files to back-up, when you want to back-up, how often you would like to back-up, all from the web-interface.

As the backup program runs, your files are compressed, encrypted, and transmitted over the Internet to our primary Data-Center. Once the back-up routine is complete, the encrypted files are replicated to our secondary server.

SecureVault supports multiple versions of your data and has the capability to perform incremental or "full" back-ups. When the time comes to restore your back-up, the process is just as simple. You can use the same web-interface to restore any file by writing over a corrupted file, replacing a deleted file in the same location, or restoring a file to a completely separate location.

Schedule Back-ups in just 5 easy steps 

  • Name your back-up for example: docs (if your backing up my documents) 
  • Select which folders or files you would like to back-up
  • Set the basic requirements for the back-up
  • Enter you password to encrypt the data
  • Decide when you would like your back-up to run for example: continuous,  run daily, weekly or run once.

It's as simple as that. Set the back-up schedule, and forget about it.

Continuous Data Protection
Now more than ever there is a greater need for files to be restorable right up to the minute. The loss of time spent re-covering the data isn't worth the hassle. Knowing that if you accidentally deleted that word document, email or accounting file you know that you can recover that information within minutes.

Data Compression
Data is compressed using Z-lib algorithm technology. Results from 10-90% compression rate have been seen. This fluctuation depends on the type of files you’re backing up.

Incremental Backup Schedule
Once the full backup is received the SecureVault Software offers Intelli-Delta Technology, which takes only the changed information and backs that up, for example: any changes to word documents, email, pst files, accounting files, are detected and only those changes are compressed, encrypted and backed up.

Keep up to 999 versions of your backup
By Default this is set to 5 versions, but you can simply change this to 999 versions.
For example if you have backed up the same directories for the last month, you can go back right to the start of the month and restore a single file, select where you want to restore to or restore to the original directory. It’s that simple.

Password Encription
SecureVault Software works by using your password to encrypt the data. Encryption level from 64bit to military strength 448 bit blowfish encryption.

It is most important to retain this password in a safe place, if you forget this password, not even we can access it. Only the password can unlock the data.

Central Processing Unit
Allocate CPU usage for backing up your data. For example: if you’re scheduling your backup to run overnight then you could use the maximum CPU.

Keywords: Data Protection

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In fact, in a recent IDC report, more than 300 million business PCs have a combined 109,000 terabytes of data that is not backed up regularly and, “as much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on PC desktops and laptops.”Source. 68 percent save the things most important to them in multiple places, the hard drive as well as removable media such as floppy disks compact disks.


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The facility features direct fibre optic and DMR connectivity to all the major Telcos as well as a direct link to APE, uninterruptible power from multiple UPS systems and a diesel generator, 24 hour security and climate control. Its role is to monitor file activity on the client system and at scheduled times throughout the day, upload only the smallest of change within the files.


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Reliable Twenty Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week SecureVault guarantee 100 percent availability, through our highly secure data centre, server redundancy features, and replication server which replicates real time. Quality Local Support SecureVault is here to support you, and with our certified local I.T providers we can help install the software, set-up the back-up scheduling and also help through.