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Our passion is looking after ALL your IT needs and we offer the following services:

Here are a few benefits of signing up for TotalCare and hassle-free IT:

A virtual private server  is a method of splitting a server. Each virtual server can run its own fully operational operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.  The practice of partitioning a single server so that it appears as multiple servers has long been common practice in mainframe computers, however with the development of virtualization software and technologies for other architectures this is now readily available.

  • SecureCom’s managed backup and server virtualization services offer a layered approach to systems backup and recovery. Expansion of current backup strategies with server virtualization, online backup, and offsite replication can offer far greater protection over legacy tape backup based systems. By using  “snapshot” based technologies, we can make copies your data at intervals that meet business objectives instead of the normal once a day backup. With the availability of image based solutions and restore capabilities; organizations can reduce the time necessary to recover  lost data in the event of a hardware failure or other disaster.

  • We can offer Virtualisation solutions for Servers, Desktop or Storage.

The benefits of Virtualisation:

  1. Cost saving – as in same cases rather than replacing older, slower Desktops, user accounts can be acccessed either from  a server on site or a hosted off-site server.  This senario would be the same for servers and datastorage.
  2. Easy Accessibility – users are able to log into their desktop from any machine at any time
  3. Energy Saving – rather than having many machines running at full capacity, less resources are required
  4. Stability - as applications and machines are virtualized there are less issues with machines failing internally and there is consistency as no matter where you log-in from as a user you will always have the same desktop view.

We offer the latest Cloud and Hosting technology to suit your business needs, including the following components:

  • Microsoft Online Services
  • Microsoft Online Services Mobility Solutions
  • Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite
  • Simplified IT management
  • Comprehensive Security
  • Microsoft Exchange online
  • Microsoft SharePoint online
  • Office communications online
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting
  • Protection & preservation of e-mail
  • E-mail & shared calendars, contacts
  • Google Apps
  • E-mail archiving
  • Microsoft Exchange hosted services

SecureCom provides the design, implemenation and maintainance of  the essential hardware and software systems necessary to extend the availability of business applications to both local and remote network users.

  •  If your local network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) is running slow, our team can isolate the issue and advise where the performance issue resides. Using layer 7 tools, we can shape the traffic on your network to provide maximum performance to applications which support core business functions.
  • Our highly skilled team of engineers are able to scope, and project manage both LAN and WAN Upgrades.

Our Helpdesk is available 24 x 7x 365 to offer support to our customers via phone, the internet and E-mail.

  •  Our highly skilled Engineers are an assistance resource who troubleshoot issues with computers and networks.
  • We provide our customers a single point of contact, to receive help on various computer issues.  These requests are managed via a help desk incident tracking system that allows us to log user requests with a unique ticket number.

A successful IT audit appropriately assesses technology risks and the control environment as they relate to critical business processes. SecureCom’s extensive expertise in IT audit can assit in  ensuring the integrity, reliability and performance of these processes.

With our IT Audit systems, our customers realize effective and efficient technology controls that better align the internal audit function with their business and IT strategies.

  • As we are re-sellers of the latest technology we are able to  procure Hardware and Software and can offer very competitive pricing

SecureCom offers businesses solutions utilizing the latest Antivirus and Antispam technology for e-mail and information sharing resulting in greater organizational efficiency and profitability.

  •  SecureCom’s Engineers will analyze your communication needs and recommend the appropriate solution.
  •  SecureCom’s solutions are designed to be reliable, secure, and readilty available.
  •  SecureCom’s encryption solutions assist organization in achieving maximum security for business to business communication.
  • SecureCom also offers a variety of hosted SPAM filtering, virus scanning, and backup e-mail services.

With threats of hacking and viruses a business can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in the loss of critical data and downtime, with SecureCom you can be rest assured that your IT  is safe and protected and monitored on 24×7 basis.

We offer the following:

  •  24 hour support
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site Consulting
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Patch Management
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Security Assessments
  • Security Audit
  • Virus/Spyware/Malware management
  • Network Monitoring, firewall support, VPN

Our backup as a service solutions provide secure, reliable protection and quick information recovery and retrieval. We’ll automatically transfer data from your locations to a specially designed off-site data center over our secure high-speed network.

  • Organizations that use on-demand backup services can improve performance and control costs. With SecureCom solutions, you can realize off-site data protection while taking advantage of usage-based utilities to meet data growth without limits.
  • The careful storage and back-up of crital data can be time and space consuming, we can take care of this task for you saving you time and resources.

  • Disaster can strike at any time with out warning, and can be devastating. Being prepared and having measures in place, should such an event occur we are able to get your IT up and running as quickly with as little down time as possible.

  • We are able to take full charge of  your printers from procurement to networking desktops and devices quickly and efficiently as well as troubleshoot and resolve printer issues.

  • It can be quite a task keep track of IT Assets, we are able to keep this register for you,  be readily available.

  • We offer the latest Voip Technology and can seamlessly integrate and customize your IT and Telecommunications offering you ONE provider for your Telecommunications and IT.

  • With the Proactive Management of your IT you can be assured that “Big Brother” is constantly watching over and proactively ensuring that a heartbeat is not missed, that every opportunity is taken to ensure that your organization is running like a well oiled machine, that there is very little down time, that unecessary costs are averted and every aspect of your IT is being used to its maximum and we are very quickly able to dectect when this is not happening and ensure that the necessary steps are actioned.

Keywords: Virtual Server