By: Seaview Meats  06-Dec-2011

Organic and Free Range

We have a fine selection of fresh whole chickens and pieces available daily from the best suppliers — Sunset Free Range chickens,

 Kipdale  Organic Free Range as well as Rangitikei Corn Fed Free Range  Chickens. All are of superb premium quality and freshness.

We have Motorway chickens,  nibbles, drums, marylands, schnitzels,

breast stuffed with spinach and pinenuts

or apricots and cream cheese.

Other products and services from Seaview Meats



Claiming to be the best is not an idle boast or advertising hyperbole. Being the best butcher to us means dealing in only the best produce. There was a time where you could buy just meat anywhere. We’re no better than any other butcher in New Zealand. NZ wild boar and NZ wild red venison.



When it reaches your plate, the meat not only has excellent marbling, it has the fullest flavours and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. It is aged and matured by traditional methods for up to 30 days, allowing for rich flavours to develop with wonderful tenderness. We source our beef from a selected group of passionate producers only. Seaview Meats insist on the Quality Mark certification on delivery.


Free Range Pork

Raised in the fresh and clean environment at the foot of the Southern Alps, their stress-free upbringing produces tender and flavoursome pork, with lower PH levels than those typical of meat from caged animals. Because we care about animal welfare and healthy meat, we sell only Freedom Farms Free Ranging Pork.



It is then matured by traditional methods for up to 14 days to ensure that the sweet flavours and tenderness develops. This produce must be Quality Mark certified to be allowed on our premises. Our lamb is sourced from approved producers in the central South Island. A region renown for producing well-rounded, tender and succulent lamb.


Gourmet Sausages

We are specialists in gourmet sausages, using recipes that are 25 to 30 years old that contain exclusively New Zealand products with fresh herbs, spices and organic free range meats. Our latest creation is Wild Boar sausages, they are fantastic, either. We also make Gluten-free and preservative-free sausages.


Exotic Game

NZ RED DEER - Denver leg steaks, leg roasts, lean mince and gourmet sausages. At Seaview Meats we specialize in exotic game meats. ENGLISH PHEASANT - grade one whole bird. PEKIN DUCKS - whole ducks.