Epoxy and urethane injection - Commercial services

By: Sansom  06-Dec-2011

Epoxy & Urethane Injection

Sansom have 30 years experience with all aspects of resin injection. Whether structural repairs for bridges and beams, or waterproofing of reservoirs, tunnels and lift pits, Sansoms have appropriate solutions. We use a range of epoxy and urethane resins from MC-Bauchemie in Germany, which are injected with sophisticated airless pumping equipment.

Sansom have developed techniques to suit a range of methods of repair to cope with large volumes of water, head pressure and fine cracking.

Recently Sansoms staff have had overseas training in the use of acrylic gels. Used in conjunction with the very specialised equipment, acrylic gels offer unique remedies where large volumes, and/or fast cure remedies are required.

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Waitakere Unitec, Library and car park - Ratanui Street, Henderson (Fletchers Construction. Vodafone Building - Viaduct Harbour Drive Auckland (Watts & Hughes Construction. These are applied during construction.