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Balancing is where we attach lead weights to your  rim or alloy at specific points to ensure your wheel spins evenly with the tyre on it.  This will generally solve problems of shaking or vibrations through the vehicle or steering wheel.  

Balancing takes around 10 minutes and is $7.50 per standard wheel ($10 per alloy).

Stripping and fitting is removing a tyre from the rim (usually your old one) and mounting another (usually your new one) on the rim.  This is included in the cost of any tyres purchased from us.  However, you may already have tyres which you simply need mounted onto your rims, in this case it is $7.50 per strip and $7.50 per fit.

We have two levels of puncture repairs as follows:

A:  Full Repair to WOF Standard (wheel balanced)

Your vehicle is hoisted and wheel demounted and stripped.  A plug or patch is applied from the inside of the tyre to ensure the best contact is made.  The tyre is mounted onto the rim again and the whole wheel is balanced and put back onto your vehicle.  


B:  Temporary Repair (not balanced or up to WOF standard)

The tyre is examined generally on the car and a plug is inserted to stop the airflow.  This type of repair is designed to be a quick easy temporary fix for punctures.  This repair is not acceptable for WOF purposes so the vehicle will fail its next WOF test because of this. 


We can take the stress out of getting your next WOF safety check and make it as convenient as possible for you as we are open 7 days and can provide mechanical services to fix any minor faults found there and then.  A WOF check is $30 per vehicle ($16 for trailers).  

We have mechanical staff who can meet all your vehicle maintenance needs including lubes, brakes, services and other minor repairs.

Our standard menu for services is as follows:

- Budget service    $65 (+GST)
- Standard service (recommended) $89 (+GST)
- Premium Service  from $100 (+ GST)
- Diesel Vehicles from $169 (+ GST)

We will advise you of the cost before any work is commenced (including if any additional work is required)

A wheel rotation is simply swapping the position of the wheels on your vehicle to ensure your tyres wear evenly and last the required distance.  A wheel rotation is recommended every 10,000 km.  

Wheel rotations are normally $15 however, some of our products offer free wheel rotation for the life of the product. 

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Keywords: Puncture Repairs, Vehicle, Wheel