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By: Rockfon  05-Apr-2012

11 October 2011

The highly popular MediCare range from Rockfon has now been enhanced and extended to offer even greater performance for all healthcare environments.

Hospitals and health facilities have unique, stringent requirements for acoustics, hygiene, cleaning and fire safety and the MediCare range specifically meets these needs.

The MediCare range is HTM 60 compliant in categories 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Healthcare facilities are also classified in accordance with NF S 90-351, which defines various levels of infection risk. These vary from low risk, such as administration offices and waiting areas, through to very high risk, including operating theatres, burns units and intensive care. Risks are categorised on the basis of cleanliness of the air, disinfection of the surface and anti-microbial properties.

The new and improved MediCare range now offers three levels of performance designed to meet the varying needs of each risk zone. All products in the new range have a low particle emission resulting in a Clean Room classification of ISO Class 5. Thanks to its noncombustible stone wool core, the MediCare range has no nutritional value and therefore provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms, including MRSA.

The design and construction of the hospital should ensure that, at all times, patients, staff and visitors can move away from a fire to a place of temporary safety, from where escape is possible to a place of safety outside the building. The new MediCare range offers the highest classification of fire safety, Class A1, helping to limit the spread of fire and reduce the risk of smoke and droplets. Rockfon stone wool ceilings do not burn and can withstand more than 1000°C for 120 minutes without melting, providing excellent fire safety (HTM 60 3.8) and increased access times for emergency services.

MediCare : 3 new solutions:

MediCare Standard

MediCare Standard is a cost-effective solution for areas with essential hygiene and cleaning requirements, such as wards, waiting areas, administration and nursing offices. It offers high sound absorption (Class A) to provide acoustic comfort to personnel, patients and visitors and has obtained the Bacteriological Class B5 and B10, which fulfils the requirements of the highest risk category under NF S 90-351. MediCare Standard can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or damp cloth.

MediCare Plus

MediCare Plus is a more durable, acoustic solution that is recommended for heavily serviced areas in need of more stringent hygiene and cleaning/disinfection requirements, such as accident and emergency rooms, delivery rooms, minor surgery, radiology, laboratories and corridors. It offers the highest sound absorption value, Class A, and has obtained a Bacteriological Class B1, beyond the requirements of the very high risk zones as defined in NF S 90-351.

Medicare Plus also offers enhanced design freedom to architects thanks to its new concealed X edge and a large range of dimensions up to 2.4m to span corridors. It has sealed edges and a water repellent surface that is resistant to the most common detergents and disinfectants and can be effectively disinfected by steam cleaning.

MediCare Air

New MediCare Air has been specifically developed for the most high risk areas, where air pressure is controlled to prevent the spread of infections, such as operating theatres, recovery rooms and intensive care; where it is acceptable to have jointed ceilings. It has a Bacteriological Class B1 and B5 and meets ISO Class 5 clean room classification standard. Medicare Air has sealed edges and when combined with hold-down clips, provides an airtight ceiling system. The air tightness can be further enhanced by the use of neoprene foam. It features a water repellent surface and can also be effectively disinfected by steam cleaning.

The new MediCare range is ideal for installation in every area within a hospital or other healthcare facility, with a choice of performance options to meet the most demanding environments. 

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